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The Evolution of a Drug Overdose Infographic

America is in the midst of a serious drug abuse epidemic, with 52,404 drug overdose deaths in 2015, an increase of nearly 12% from the prior year. The following infographic and linked articles provide insights on driving factors in the evolution of this public health crisis – from chronic pain to drug addiction. What often begins with prescription opioid use for pain far too often evolves into misuse and a clinically diagnosable opioid use disorder. Some people who take opioid pain relievers turn to heroin and other illicit drugs when they can no longer obtain legal prescriptions. Moreover, people frequently abuse several prescription and illicit drugs concurrently and drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which further increases the risk of death.

The Evolution of a Drug Overdose infographic

The infographic concisely summarizes the growing drug epidemic in the U.S. As the infographic indicates, prescription opioids, heroin and fentanyl have been in the spotlight, however, other illicit and prescription drugs are implicated in some of these overdose deaths. For more in-depth information including state- and gender-specific data, addiction facts, and how this serious issue has impacted people of all ages, read the related articles.

From the truth about marijuana and morphine overdose facts to what happens during an overdose, these stories go beyond the statistics and cover the heartbreaking accounts of individuals impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. Read about drug-specific overdose symptoms and overdose timing. Learn about the alarming scope of drug abuse in teens and high rate of accidental drug poisoning in the country’s most innocent and vulnerable – babies and toddlers. These preventable tragedies put a human face on the statistics, providing greater understanding of the gravity of the drug problem gripping our nation.

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