Episode 108 | Nikki Leonti

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What if you were placed on a platform and told from a young age that your value in this world and the eternal is based on performance: That a rigid, black-and-white system of rules within your spiritual community must be followed because you are an example who could or would cause others to fall from grace if you didn’t meet expectations of spiritual greatness and perfection? We continue celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by highlighting the stories of brave and relentless survivors of mental health and trauma struggles! 

In this episode, we talk to vocal phenom, music industry icon, wife, and mother of 3, Nikki Leonti, about how the intersectionality of her personal life, societal pressures, and stigma took over her career in the Christian music industry. 

She shares her inspirational story of being dropped from her record label after becoming pregnant as a teenager, overcoming extreme judgment, abusive relationships, and custody battles. She has shared her talent on Ellen, Jay Leno, and America’s Got Talent. She’s saved her daughter from SIDS. She’s taken her struggles and used them to inspire. Her message will make you feel like you can do anything.  We love her and you will too!! 


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