Episode 83 | Dr. Rob Weiss (part 1)

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Dr. Weiss shares his story recovery from trauma, sex addiction & intimacy disorder. He also shares valuable insight into the current state of human development in this generation as it relates to families and the prevalence of intergenerational trauma.

Dr. Weiss is one of the founding authorities helping people to heal from intimacy disorders like compulsive sexual behavior and related drug abuse. He is also a nationally acclaimed speaker and author of ten books on sexuality, technology, and intimate relationships, including Sex Addiction 101, Out of the Doghouse, and Prodependence.

Dr. Weiss hosts a no-cost weekly Sex and Intimacy Q&A on Seeking Integrity’s self-help website, (listed in the links below). The Sex and Relationship Healing website provides free information for addicts, partners of addicts, and therapists dealing with sex addiction, porn addiction, and substance abuse issues. Dr. Weiss can be contacted via both websites listed. All his writing is available on Amazon, while he can also be found on Twitter (@RobWeissMSW), on LinkedIn (Robert Weiss LCSW), and on Facebook (Rob Weiss MSW).



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