oxycontin pills represent the opioid epidemic and the growing need for oxycontin addiction treatment centers and programsMillions of Americans have been hurt by the opioid epidemic. OxyContin has invaded cities and rural areas. OxyContin abuse and drug addiction are rampant. The prescription painkiller has contributed to a large demand for OxyContin addiction treatment centers.

OxyContin addiction treatment at Promises may start with a monitored medical detox. This is followed by a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. Many people come to us with anxiety due to long-term issues with chronic pain. Clients who abuse OxyContin have often put off addiction treatment. They have fears about pain and concerns that their physical needs will not be considered.

At Promises, we take a well-rounded approach to pain management as you detox from prescribed OxyContin. Our medical team has developed protocols that work. We understand clients’ need to find freedom from debilitating pain. Our treatment professionals also recognize the need to have a clear mind and ability to function in the world. We aim to help people achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. Our goal is to guide you back to a balanced approach to pain management.

OxyContin Addiction Diagnosis

Drug addiction can develop on a “normal” course of prescribed OxyContin. Studies show addiction can happen in as little as five days. It’s important to start a substance abuse treatment program at the earliest sign of problems. It should be a treatment center that can address physical addiction and related mental health issues.

Opioid use disorder is the official diagnosis for people affected by OxyContin abuse. It also covers OxyContin addiction or any other form of opioid abuse or addiction. Doctors make this diagnosis when a drug abuser has at least two to three addiction-related symptoms. You will be assessed for all substance abuse problems and underlying mental health problems when you arrive at Promises inpatient treatment centers.

What to Expect During OxyContin Withdrawal Treatment

The first step in residential addiction treatment is often medical detox. Never attempt to get off OxyContin on your own. This would be a risk because of withdrawal side effects. Detox could begin within hours of your last dose. If you stop taking it too quickly it could be dangerous and could easily cause you to go back to using the drug.

At Promises we manage withdrawal symptoms so you can stick with recovery. Our approach to medical detox is to make it gentle and as comfortable as possible. Our medical team may prescribe clinically appropriate medicines to ease symptoms. We treat OxyContin addiction with the kind of treatment plan used for most forms of opioid addiction. Medication options may include:

  • Buprenorphine – an opioid replacement medication that helps people escape the worst effects of opioid withdrawal
  • Naltrexone – a non-opioid medication that stops opioid substances from producing their drug effects. It is used in an emergency to stop an overdose.

Our goal is to restore your physical and mental well-being. We’ll educate you about any medications prescribed. We’ll also attend to physical discomfort or issues that arise as your body adjusts to sobriety. This way you can progress to the next stage of opioid dependency treatment.

The Goals for Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

As part of substance and mental health treatment at Promises, our seasoned mental health professionals will help:

  • Manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Minimize urges to use drugs with research-backed medications
  • Support you in learning to live sober

OxyContin detox and residential addiction treatment will include a full spectrum of addiction recovery services.

Therapies in Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab is your time to focus on self-care and address issues that may have led to your addiction. We will support you in exploring the roots of early trauma and how it is impacting your life now. You’ll have a chance to develop a trusting relationship in one-on-one sessions with your primary counselor. Your counselor will be part of a team of people that helps you take your life back. We also have small groups where you can safely work through interpersonal issues. Being with others in the same situation can be very healing and enlightening.

Some OxyContin addiction treatment programs use a therapeutic technique called contingency management. This approach rewards people for attending meetings and following program guidelines. It honors avoiding relapse back into substance abuse.

At Promises Treatment Centers, we address all aspects of drug addiction. Treatment options may include:

Treatment of Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

Mental health problems are often at the root of addiction. Many people with drug addiction are dealing with a dual diagnosis. Inpatient treatment is designed to treat both substance abuse and mental health disorders. A comprehensive evaluation helps our team create personalized treatment programs. We can help you learn to manage co-occurring mental health disorders during residential OxyContin drug rehab.

Dual diagnosis treatment programs at Promises include:

We help you succeed in opiate recovery. We do this by teaching life skills and introducing sober social activities. Life in addiction recovery may be more fun than you realize.

Continuing Care

Treatment for opioid addiction includes ongoing support. We’ll help guide you on your journey after your leave drug rehab. Aftercare is a critical part of treatment for opioid addiction. Your continuing care plan may include:

  • Referrals to physicians and therapists
  • Support groups
  • Sober activities
  • Relapse prevention plans for opiate addiction recovery

Your Road to Recovery Starts Here

We offer detox and recovery in a comfortable, home-like environment. Don’t delay treatment for OxyContin. Our medically supervised program will help you through withdrawal symptoms and into recovery.

Posted on July 21, 2017 and modified on April 13, 2019