Have you found yourself caught in the ugly cycle of opioid painkiller abuse? Currently, millions of U.S. residents struggle with this same problem. Sadly, it will take a tragedy to open the eyes of some users. Help protect yourself and your loved ones by finding a painkiller addiction treatment center that offers comprehensive drug addiction treatment.

Painkiller Abuse Is At All-Time High

Woman speaks to her patient at a painkiller addiction treatment centerPainkiller addiction has been a problem for years, but the number of new cases has spiked noticeably over the last decade. This is partially due to how easy it is to get a prescription for drugs, like hydrocodone and oxycodone, from physicians. Painkillers are also readily available on the street in most cities and towns. If you don’t abuse painkillers, then the chances are high that you know someone who does.

Due to their highly addictive properties, painkillers can spell trouble for users in a short amount of time. Even individuals who have a prescription for opioid painkillers can develop a problem. Repeated usage can lead to increased tolerance and dependency, and from there, full-blown addiction is possible.

If you think painkiller abuse is no big deal, think again. The habit destroys lives, causes detrimental health effects, and can lead to legal fees and possible jail time. Even worse, it can cause accidental overdose and death. When mixed with alcohol, painkillers are even more dangerous.

Fortunately, you can minimize your risk for a future tragedy by enrolling at a trusted painkiller addiction treatment center. A painkiller addiction rehab program can help educate you and lay out the steps for true and lasting rehabilitation.

How to Spot the Best Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center

While searching for treatment, remember that every prescription drug addiction treatment center delivers a different level of care. Enhance your recovery efforts by finding a painkiller addiction rehab program that can be customized according to your unique needs. Any rehab worth considering will recognize that real recovery takes time. It also requires healing of the mind and spirit, as well as the body.

When you first enter a painkiller addiction treatment center, you may experience withdrawal. For many people, withdrawal from painkillers is a trying time. The process involves many unpleasant symptoms, such as abdominal pain and discomfort, insomnia, restlessness, muscle and bone pain, and more. Fortunately, supervised drug detox services can help ease the discomfort of symptoms and prepare you physically and mentally for treatment.

Counseling is an excellent opportunity to work on your mental wellness during your time at a painkiller addiction treatment center. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with past trauma, therapy can help. If you expect to maintain long-term sobriety, you must adopt a healthier outlook. You should also develop positive coping skills to use in the future after rehab. Counseling can help you achieve optimal emotional well-being and prepare you for lasting change.

Rehabs that offer dual diagnosis therapy are also worth considering if you’re struggling with a co-occurring emotional disorder. You must address the symptoms of addiction and mental illness at the same time if you expect to get clean and remain sober in the years to come.

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