The Promises Promise

The Promises Promise

We understand, value, and respect the importance and trust you have placed in Promises. Caring for your loved one or client is our highest priority, and we will do everything we can to make this the most powerful, fulfilling experience for all involved. To this end, we commit to you:

  1. Comprehensive, individualized clinical care.
  2. Expert Medical and Psychiatric evaluation and support by our affiliated physicians.
  3. A safe, nurturing, confidential, healing environment.
  4. Timely, consistent (minimum,weekly) collaboration and feedback on your client, or loved one’s progress.
  5. A supportive, transformative family program.
  6. Real-world, thorough, continuing care plans, with alumni and professional support.
  7. A commitment to ongoing recovery, in collaboration with the alumni, family, and referring professional.

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