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Eating Disorder Therapy & Treatment Centers

We provide expert psychiatric, medical and behavioral treatment to clients struggling with body image issues and eating disorders. Our specially trained clinicians help clients embrace a healthy self-image and change their relationship with weight, food and appearance.

Eating Disorder Therapy

Through one-on-one counseling and body image therapy in small groups, clients learn how to:

  • Be realistic about body size based on genetic and environmental history
  • Exercise regularly in a healthy, enjoyable way
  • Work toward self-forgiveness and self-acceptance
  • Tolerate and express emotions in more constructive ways
  • Develop meaningful personal relationships
  • Listen to their body, to recognize and tap into body sensations and use them as signals of emotional states
  • Develop trust and body awareness and ultimately, a more positive body image
  • Ask for and receive support and encouragement from others during times of stress

Symptoms of Body Image Issues

When people feel that they don’t measure up to the ideals of what their body should look like from family, friends or the media, they may develop a negative body image that can progress into an eating disorder. People with disordered body images may exhibit some of the following symptoms or behaviors:

  • Inability to see one’s body accurately
  • Spends excessive amounts of time checking appearance in mirrors, applying makeup or trying to mask their appearance
  • Constantly seeks reassurance
  • Feels self-conscious or awkward
  • Feels ashamed of their body
  • Develops high levels of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or self-disgust
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Takes risks with sexual health
  • Cuts themselves off from social interactions and romantic relationships
  • Stops engaging in healthy activities where others may see their body
  • Develops or suffers from serious mental health problems, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or over-exercising
  • Abuses drugs or alcohol

Getting Help for Disordered Eating/Body Image Issues

Depending on the severity of symptoms, people with disordered eating behaviors may require specialized care at an eating disorder treatment center. Our Promises Scottsdale location provides anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and selective eating disorder treatment. We help clients get to the underlying causes behind their disordered eating and body image issues and teach them healthy coping skills and self-care practices.

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