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Dietitian & Nutritional Therapy

Food and nutrition experientials are led by a dietitian or nutritionist and involve a range of group activities and nutrition classes that include meal planning, cooking experientials, grocery shopping, health and nutrition exploration, restaurant challenges and more.

Health and Nutrition Exploration: This group includes a variety of health and nutrition topics that aim to educate clients regarding the effects of substance abuse, eating disorders or unmanaged mental health issues on the body. Through lectures, group discussions, writing activities, audio recordings and videos, the registered dietitian facilitating this group provides health and nutritional therapy to empower clients to practice self-care with an emphasis on balanced nutrition. Topics explored in this group include:

  • Nutrition Rehabilitation from Addiction, Eating Disorders and Unmanaged Mental Health
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • The Effects of Substance and Process Addictions on the Brain
  • Self-Care Awareness
  • Physiology of Stress on the Brain, Body and Emotions
  • Body Image

Food and Culinary Exploration: This group is designed to teach clients life skills related to food and cooking. The dietitian or nutritionist leads activities that include a class in meal planning, a grocery shopping experiential, guided cooking experiential, a culinary class, and a taste and sensory analysis experiential.

Benefits of Food Experientials

Clients learn to prioritize healthy nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle in recovery. They learn to enjoy the process of food shopping and meal preparation and to enjoy good food to nourish the body and mind for improved health and quality of life.

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