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Individual Therapy & Counseling

Promises tailors treatment programs to each client based on their needs, beliefs and experiences. As part of this approach, we offer regular individual counseling. Individual therapy helps clients develop a trusting relationship with a counselor. Within a safe, accepting space, clients are able to work more intently on specific issues or share about topics they aren’t yet comfortable talking about in group therapy.

Individual counseling at Promises is combined with a number of approaches to provide a comprehensive treatment experience. Other therapies that work in tandem with individual therapy may include group therapy, family therapy, alternative and experiential therapies as well as fitness and other practices that promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy involves one-on-one counseling sessions between a client and therapist that are progressive in nature. Using different therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and motivational interviewing, a specially trained counselor guides clients to self-revelations which, in turn, can promote healthier lifestyle choices and new insights into capabilities, talents and goals.

Benefits of Individual Counseling

Individual therapy allows clients to travel on a personal exploratory journey, to learn and test new skills for coping, avoidance, assertiveness, how to say “no,” gaining or regaining self-confidence and self-esteem, and more.

It can sometimes be intimidating to clients who may be dealing with anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, or substance abuse to focus on what’s good and right about their lives, and sometimes even to believe there’s anything worthwhile about them. Individual therapy addresses all of these issues by allowing clients to evaluate their own thoughts and emotions and analyze and change underlying concepts shaping their thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors. At the same time, clients address any co-occurring conditions that may worsen their symptoms.

Individual therapy can help clients believe in themselves. They learn that they’re worthwhile and have valuable contributions to make, and that life is very much worth living and pursuing with zest and vitality.

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Posted on June 28, 2017 and modified on April 27, 2019

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