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JavelinSM Continuing Care Program

At Promises, we understand that careful, ongoing management of addiction is critical for long-term success. That’s why our commitment to our clients doesn’t end when they leave treatment. We offer the Javelin 12-month continuing care plan based on principles that have been shown to promote long-term recovery.

About Our Continuing Care Plan

Our continuing care plan is grounded in the understanding that each individual illness has a variable life course and that improvement occurs on a spectrum over time. As a large body of research shows, clients who receive continuing support once they leave treatment are more likely to maintain their recoveries and prevent relapse. Whereas typical aftercare programs are short term and tend to offer occasional check-ins as an afterthought to residential treatment, our Javelin plan takes a long-term approach, addressing an individual’s addiction at different stages and through various life transitions.

Our goal for each client is not only sobriety, but also improved health, quality of life, and engagement with family and community – measures of success that we gauge using standardized tools. For those who have struggled to achieve lasting recovery, this may seem like a tall order, but we’ve found that with careful, extended engagement, long-term recovery is within reach.

How Does the Javelin Continuing Care Plan Work?

Similar to other chronic diseases, addiction requires significant lifestyle and behavior changes. Our continuing care plan supports each individual in maintaining these changes and helps clients follow through with various elements of their discharge plan, such as taking medications as prescribed and keeping therapy appointments. This process helps rebuild clients’ confidence in themselves and in their ability to manage their condition and avoid drug use over time.

Goals of the Javelin plan include:

Building Strong Sober Support Networks – We provide active assistance in building a robust social support network, which has been proven to promote long-term recovery. Assistance includes introduction to various social networking sites and other organized networking groups focused on issues relevant to the client’s treatment. An engaged network helps clients and their families move toward independent self-management.

Contingency Management – Our continuing care plan incorporates principles of contingency management, which focuses on personal accountability in recovery. Clients and families identify consequences for behaviors that are detrimental to the client’s recovery. It also includes proactive monitoring of potential obstacles to recovery and identification of the need for re-intervention and/or a change in environment when necessary. Contingency management has been extensively studied and offers an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment.

Maintaining Motivation – Maintaining motivation and engagement over time is key to long-term recovery. Our Javelin plan uses multiple approaches to motivate and engage clients, including positive reinforcement, ongoing monitoring, and mobile apps and other state-of-the-art technologies that aid in recovery.

The Javelin℠ continuing care plan incorporates:

  • Regular contact with a Javelin coach via phone, text and email for 12 months after primary treatment. Clients meet their coach prior to discharge, ensuring continuity of care and a seamless transition into everyday life.
  • Goal setting and monitoring through regular drug screens
  • Regular contact with the client’s family or other support system to help guide goal- and boundary-setting
  • Increasing independence and self-management over time, as clients become more grounded in their recovery
  • Behavioral contracts with family and/or social support networks
  • Positive reinforcement for ongoing sobriety and accountability for noncompliance
  • Ongoing education and coaching tailored to each individual’s needs
  • Access to life skills training modules and activities
  • Identification of options for social networking
  • Assistance with proactive identification of the need for re-intervention and/or a change in environment to prevent relapse

The goal of the Javelin continuing care plan is to keep clients on target for long-term recovery.

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