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Outdoor Teambuilding Group

Teambuilding groups help clients practice the skills they have learned in other group sessions during treatment. Teambuilding groups also promote bonding among peers and teach clients to have fun in recovery.

How Teambuilding Works

Some of the activities used in teambuilding groups include:

Group Juggle: Participants are grouped into a circle. The facilitator, who starts the game with several bean bags or balls, throws one bean bag/ball across the circle to one of the participants. He/she then throws the bean bag to another participant and so on until every participant has “juggled” a bean bag. The first bean bag is then thrown back to the facilitator. This process is repeated, adding more and more bean bags each time until bean bags are flying everywhere.

The team is challenged to juggle the bean bags without dropping any and completing the exercise in less and less time. The group members work to improve their performance as the game progresses. Barriers to progress are identified and creative solutions are introduced to help the group work well together.

Blind Minefield: Objects are scattered in an indoor or outdoor place. People in the group partner up to form pairs. One partner is blindfolded and the other partner verbally guides his/her partner, a blindfolded person, through the “minefield.”

Trust Falls: These involve a person falling backwards from floor, chair or table height into the arms and hands of the group. Each group member can opt to take a turn as faller. Sometimes the group can use a large blanket or towel to catch the faller.

Another way we do trust falls is to partner off in pairs, choosing partners of similar size. The group facilitator guides each pair through the trust fall. We demonstrate the “ready,” “falling” and “catching” positions. We also demonstrate verbal cues before falling, so the faller can ask “Catcher ready?” and the catcher can reply “Ready, fall on!”

Benefits of Teambuilding

In processing the experience, clients can determine how much they trusted their partner during each exercise, and assess whether this trust improved over time. Clients learn what ingredients are needed to trust or work with others, and what they need from a partner to feel safe and secure. Interpersonal skills improve as participants are encouraged to explore what partners can do to make them feel more secure, and which communication strategies work best.

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