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Rising StrongTM

Our Rising StrongTM workshop is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research and book “Rising Strong.” The curriculum builds upon the work our clients do in The Daring WayTM shame-resilience groups, also based on Dr. Brown’s research.

While The Daring WayTM curriculum teaches us to show up, be seen, and live bravely and authentically, Rising StrongTM teaches us that when we courageously live this way, we may also stumble, and how to get back up. The teachings hold valuable lessons for people in recovery who may encounter setbacks. Whether setbacks take the form of relapse or other challenges, through Rising StrongTM clients learn to focus on lessons gained, and how to move forward.

What to Expect in Our Rising StrongTM Workshops

Clients attend process groups, watch Dr. Brown’s videos on the subject, and are guided through workshop activities, journaling and discussions. They also learn mindfulness approaches that help them recognize emotions, breathe into them, and accept and explore them without judgement. Led by a certified Rising StrongTM facilitator and master’s level therapists, clients are guided through the following three phases of the curriculum:

Part One – The Reckoning: Walking Into Our Story

Our brains are hardwired to create stories around all of our experiences. Most of us begin believing these stories, whether or not they are valid. We might behave and react in a way that assumes our storylines are true. This can impact how we relate to others and how they in turn relate to us.

In the first phase of Rising StrongTM, clients identify some of the storylines they create. They dig deeper, dissecting what is reality and what may be fiction. The goal is to provide alternatives to self-perpetuating stories so clients aren’t living life based on their own one-sided interpretation. We find common storylines revolve around shame and feelings that we’re not good enough.

Clients learn how they get “hooked” by these stories, how it affects their lives and learn to write their own story. They become curious about their stories and the feelings, thoughts and behaviors surrounding them. For maybe the first time, they give themselves permission to feel difficult feelings. We teach clients mindfulness techniques that help them stay connected with their feelings instead of using strategies for “offloading hurt” such as using substances or other numbing methods.

Part Two – The Rumble: Owning Our Story

The Rumble is about digging deeper into feelings. Clients journey through a process of exploring vulnerability, shame, boundaries, trust, grief, forgiveness, anxiety and criticism. As they look at their stories through a more objective lens, they learn how their stories have played a part in their lives in the past, and also how difficult feelings show up in the present.

Part Three – The Revolution: Writing a New Ending

The final part of Rising StrongTM is about reflecting on how a particular story or stories have evolved since clients began the process. For example, perhaps at the beginning of the workshop, a mother’s storyline was, “I’m a bad mother because of my addiction.” By The Revolution, she may have been able to transform that story into, “I have an addiction. I did something that hurt my child, but I am still a good mother and a good person. I’m in treatment and working to get better.” Clients are usually able to shift their stories to not only come from a more realistic place, but also a more accepting and gentle place. They have gained the skills to challenge their perpetual stories of shame and self-contempt.

About Dr. Brené Brown

Rising StrongTM is based on the research of Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW. Dr. Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past 13 years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame.

Dr. Brown is the author of three #1 New York Times Bestsellers: “Rising Strong,” “Daring Greatly” and “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

She is also the Founder and CEO of The Daring Way and COURAGEworks, an online learning community that offers eCourses, workshops and interviews for individuals and organizations ready for braver living, loving and leading.

Dr. Brown’s 2010 TEDx Houston talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world, with over 25 million views.

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