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We provide thorough biopsychosocial assessments at the beginning of treatment. These evaluations help us determine all of the issues you’re struggling with and confirm or revise any previous diagnoses. An accurate, comprehensive understanding of your challenges, background, and physical and mental health helps us craft a treatment plan that tends to all of your needs and supports overall wellness.

Like our treatment programs, assessments are individualized and may vary by location, but generally assessments include these components:

Medical History

Medical history includes any physical or psychological issues you’ve had. We’ll inquire about physical conditions such as injuries and illnesses ranging from diabetes to cancer as well as issues like insomnia, substance use and anxiety. We’ll also ask you about allergies, medications and history of illness in family members.

Psychological Assessment

Our psychiatric team will determine if and what types of mental health disorders may be present. These can be diagnosed through a number of assessments as well as through psychological interviews with specially trained clinicians.

Drug/Alcohol Screening

As appropriate, we provide drug and alcohol screenings. These are typically done through a urine sample or blood draw.

Physical Exam

Most commonly used upon entering drug or alcohol detox, we may conduct an overall physical exam to assess and monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs.

Family Relationships

Your therapist will get an understanding of your relationships with loved ones. Gaining insight into these relationships is integral to creating a treatment plan that addresses underlying interpersonal concerns as well as determining if integrating family into treatment is clinically appropriate.

Goals of Treatment

Our clinicians will talk with you to get an overall understanding of what you feel your most pressing issues are as well as to understand your life experiences, struggles, beliefs and preferences with regards to treatment. With this information and the results of physical and psychological assessments, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs.

Special 96-Hour Assessment at Promises Malibu

In addition to assessments and screenings at each of our Promises treatment centers, we offer a special 96-hour assessment and stabilization program at Promises Malibu, ideal for clients and loved ones who aren’t sure if or what type of treatment is needed. Learn more.

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