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Outpatient Drug Rehab

Whether you’re transitioning out of one of our inpatient addiction treatment programs or you don’t require a higher level of treatment like residential care, our outpatient programs will provide you structure and support in recovery. From partial care/day treatment programs and intensive outpatient treatment to programs that meet a few hours a day in the mornings or evenings, we have the level of care that’s right for you.

A Strong Foothold in Recovery

Our outpatient programming provides structure, guidance and support as you solidify your recovery skills and practice applying them in day-to-day life. You’ll get support from our clinicians and your peers in recovery while attending to work, school and family obligations. This can help you address any triggers that arise in everyday life in a healthy, productive way.

Support and Structure

Idle time can sometimes fuel unhealthy behaviors. Re-establishing a regular schedule with productive and healthy activities can help you stay focused on recovery. Regularly connecting with the treatment community fosters support and accountability.

Professional Guidance

While support from peers is an important part of recovery, outpatient drug rehab gives you regular access to specially trained clinicians. These experienced addiction specialists will help guide you through any rough spots and can recommend additional care if needed.

Relapse Prevention

You’ll continue to build on healthy coping skills and recovery concepts learned in residential treatment or develop new skills if entering treatment at this level. As triggers arise in everyday life, you can work through them and learn practical strategies to safeguard against relapse, as well as what to do if a relapse does occur.

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Specialized Outpatient Treatment

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