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Professionals Drug Rehab

Several of our drug rehab centers are ideally suited for licensed professionals such as physicians, airline pilots and attorneys as well as entrepreneurs and executives.

Levels of Care

We offer a full continuum of care so that your treatment experience is seamless. Some of our centers offer onsite drug or alcohol detox, drawing on the latest research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as needed. We provide comprehensive assessments to determine if and what type of substance use and/or mental health disorders exist and the best treatment approach given the diagnoses. During inpatient professionals addiction treatment, you’ll learn and practice essential recovery skills and build a strong commitment to abstinence.

What to Expect

Drawing on decades of experience and research, treatment includes:

Multidisciplinary Evaluations – We use validated diagnostic criteria to provide you highly accurate and useful assessments. Our clinical team conducts thorough medical and psychological exams to confirm or revise previous diagnoses and tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Client-Oriented Treatment – With regular individual counseling sessions and a variety of therapies, treatment is personalized and relevant to your issues and life experiences.

Skilled Clinicians – Our team is comprised of seasoned addiction specialists who know how to work effectively and collaboratively with you, your referents and your family.

It’s Time for Change

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