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Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation (IDE)

The Professionals Treatment Program at Promises conducts multidisciplinary intensive diagnostic evaluations utilizing a team approach. All evaluations are confidential. The evaluation process is independent of our treatment programs. Evaluations are conducted in a transparent and straightforward manner. The typical goal of an evaluation is to determine if a disorder exists (based on established criteria) and if present what type of treatment is necessary to adequately address any diagnosed problem. If it is determined that no diagnosis exists then that is the finding. If a diagnosis is made then appropriate treatment is recommended.

Types of Evaluations Conducted

All evaluations are individualized; however, several types of evaluations are conducted including:

Intensive Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Evaluation – to rule out addiction and/or co-occurring disorders.

Relapse Evaluation – to examine the individual’s recovery program (if any) utilizing the Recovery Assessment Tool, to evaluate the pattern of relapse(s), determine the underlying cause(s) of relapse and design a program to prevent further relapse.

Chronic Pain Evaluations – to rule out addiction and establish the cause and needed treatment for chronic pain disorders.

Other Customized Evaluations

The Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation program at Promises is individualized to meet the needs of the person being evaluated. In other words, we design a specific evaluation that will help answer the questions needing to be answered. To help us anticipate and plan the evaluation, a pre-admission process is conducted whenever possible. The pre-admission process usually includes the following:

  • Review of all pertinent records
  • The written account by the patient regarding why the evaluation is being conducted
  • Pre-admission laboratory testing (if needed)

Components of the Intensive Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Evaluation

While every evaluation is individualized there are basic components that are typically utilized in every evaluation including the following:

  • Complete Physical Examination (including lab testing)
  • Addiction Medicine Assessment (including any appropriate drug testing)
  • Psychological Evaluation (including contacting appropriate collateral)
  • Psychological Testing (testing varies depending on symptoms)
  • Neurocognitive Screening Tests (can be expanded to include full neuropsych testing)
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Group Participation (if appropriate)

Chronic Pain Evaluations

The problem of chronic pain and its intersection with addiction and other mental disorders is complex. Promises professionals rehab has joined with the world-renowned California Pain Medicine Center at UCLA to conduct customized combined evaluations for individuals with chronic pain. The Chronic Pain Evaluation includes the standard evaluation plus the following:

  • Pain Medicine Assessment
  • Pain Psychologist Evaluation
  • Neurofeedback Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Other (as needed)

We frequently evaluate licensed professionals but executives and others can also greatly benefit from this process. As with any other medical care the first step in treatment should be a thorough and accurate evaluation to know what is to be treated. Symptoms that can trigger the need for an evaluation include:

  • Suspected new onset of a mental health disorder such as a substance-related disorder or other psychiatric disorder
  • Unexplained changes in behavior or function
  • Questions of impairment related to job performance
  • Complicated fitness-for-duty evaluations when there is a behavioral or mental health cause of primary concern
  • Chronic pain issues if substance abuse is suspected
  • Disruptive behavior and boundary violations
  • Question of inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Other symptoms of a psychiatric disorder

The evaluation program at Promises was developed by Greg Skipper, MD, Director of Professionals Health Services. The program protocols are based on Dr. Skipper’s years of experience conducting evaluations while medical director at Springbrook Institute in Oregon and as medical director of the Alabama Physician Health Program where he participated in thousands of evaluations. Proper evaluation requires experience, finesse, hard work, dedication, and a firm commitment to the highest levels of integrity and ethical conduct. Our evaluations are thorough, fair and based on established diagnostic criteria.

The Process

Evaluations are usually conducted on an outpatient basis with evaluees staying at a nearby hotel. Just because someone is referred for evaluation does not mean they have a particular problem. Often our evaluations result in better insight and understanding of existing problems. Much effort is placed in providing accurate diagnoses (if any) and helpful recommendations.


  • Clients are transported to and from the LAX airport (20 minutes away) and to and from the evaluation program as needed.
  • We strive to conduct intensive diagnostic evaluations efficiently with a 72-hour-or-less goal for completion. We make every effort to issue immediate preliminary diagnoses and recommendations at or near the time of discharge.

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