What Is a Dual Diagnosis

If you have an addiction to alcohol, chances are you’re also dealing with depression. On the other hand, someone with a cocaine addiction may find themselves suffering from an anxiety disorder. Research shows that about 50% of individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol have a mental health disorder, also known as a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis.
Which came first can be difficult to answer, but what we do know is having a dual diagnosis makes recovery more complex. The two disorders feed off of one another, creating a toxic cycle that makes simultaneous treatment of both conditions the only path to lasting recovery.

Among the most common dual diagnoses are:

  • Bipolar disorder and alcohol or cocaine addiction
  • PTSD and opioid addiction
  • Schizophrenia and marijuana addiction
  • Depression and alcohol or heroin addiction
  • Anxiety disorders and cocaine addiction
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and alcohol or cocaine addiction

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Promises Treatment Centers offers comprehensive recovery services for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. For many people, the first step is detoxification. After detox, therapy kicks into high gear. Psychotherapy is an important part of successful dual diagnosis treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in particular is effective in helping individuals with dual diagnosis learn to identify and modify harmful thinking and behaviors that trigger mood disorders and substance use. Medication is another useful tool for treating dual diagnoses.

Promises also offers holistic dual diagnosis treatments such as massage therapy, equine-assisted therapy, yoga, music therapy, acupuncture, wolf experience and nutritional support to help people find balance in their lives. Not all dual diagnosis treatment programs offer holistic care. Promises pioneered it.

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