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Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment

Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment at Promises

At Promises, our mental health specialists provide personalized treatment for dependent personality disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders. Treatment strategies may include assertiveness training and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients develop more self-confidence and new attitudes toward themselves and others. In the case of co-occurring disorders such as depression and substance abuse, our medical and behavioral teams address all issues simultaneously. Therapies include individual, group and family therapy as well as approaches like mindfulness, support groups, psychiatric care and experiential therapies.

What Is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Dependent personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-standing need to be taken care of and fears being abandoned or separated from other individuals important to them. Because of this, the individual may act submissive and dependent so that others will take care of them. Some people refer to the condition as co-dependent personality disorder. Many people with dependent personality disorder feel like they cannot live without others’ help.

Symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder

A person with dependent personality disorder doesn’t trust their ability to make decisions, whether major or minor. They will do almost anything to have others take care of them, and will go to extraordinary lengths to maintain these relationships, even to the point of suffering abuse.

Easily upset by separation and loss, a person with dependent personality disorder may also exhibit some or many of the following symptoms:

  • Avoids being alone
  • Hypersensitive to disapproval or criticism
  • Avoids personal responsibility
  • Very passive in relationships
  • Very upset or helpless when relationships end, leading to urgently seeking another relationship so that the nurturing and support can continue
  • Difficulty making decisions without the help of others
  • Difficulty expressing any kind of disagreement with others
  • Overly focused on the fear of being abandoned
  • Lacks self-confidence, leading to problems initiating projects or doing things on their own
  • Pessimistic
  • Places needs of caregivers above their own
  • Tendency to fantasize and to be naïve

Causes of Dependent Personality Disorder

While researchers do not know the specific causes of dependent personality disorder, it is believed that chronic illness or separation anxiety disorder in childhood or adolescence may predispose people to developing dependent personality disorder.

Dependent personality disorder most likely involves a combination of biological and developmental factors.  Some researchers believe that an overprotective or authoritarian style of parenting can lead to the development of dependent personality disorder traits in people who are susceptible to it.

The disorder usually begins in childhood. One of the most common of all the personality disorders, dependent personality disorder is equally common in women and men.

Do You Need Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment?

If you answer yes to the following questions, you may want to consider treatment for dependent personality disorder:

  • Are you so dependent on another person that you feel like you’ve lost your own identity?
  • Do you obsess over being abandoned and left to fend for yourself?
  • Have you put up with extreme conditions, even abuse, just so you will continue to receive care and support?
  • Do others regularly characterize you as “clingy” or “needy” in your relationships?

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