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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues Treatment at Promises

Relationship issues often go hand-in-hand with many of the conditions we treat at Promises including addictions, eating disorders and other behavioral health issues. We help clients address relationship issues, trauma, mental health disorders and other underlying factors that keep them stuck in destructive coping patterns.

Our experienced team of specially trained therapists helps clients navigate the relationship issues that are disrupting their lives. We help empower them to regain dignity, self-respect and the trust of those they love. Our treatment process is specifically designed to help identify and resolve other issues clients may be experiencing as well, such as grief, drug and alcohol abuse, and trauma.

We use effective, focused traditional treatment modalities, along with alternative and experiential therapies to help clients stop engaging in self-defeating relationship patterns.

Love/Relationship Addiction and Intimacy Disorders

Many people struggle with relationship issues at some point in their lives, but for some these patterns cross over into an intimacy disorder or love addiction. For some people, failed or abusive relationships are linked to traumatic experiences from childhood, and can set off a cascade of additional traumas, such as drug or alcohol abuse or love or relationship addiction. People who have been emotionally used, abused, neglected or betrayed are especially vulnerable to relationship addictions and intimacy disorders. In many instances, it’s not the relationship that people seek help for, but rather the accompanying or underlying depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, eating disorder or other mental health issue.

Intimacy Disorder Symptoms

People with an intimacy disorder or love addiction may have symptoms that include:

  • Consistently attracting emotionally unavailable, troubled, addicted or abusive partners
  • Going to extremes to change one’s appearance to attract a partner
  • Multiple extramarital affairs
  • Searching endlessly for the “perfect” partner
  • Mistaking sex or romance for love
  • Sacrificing one’s own wants and needs for others
  • Repeatedly falling in love with strangers
  • Trading sex for affection, help, money, power, status or drugs
  • Engaging in inappropriate relationships (such as having a relationship with a married person or supervisor)

These struggles are often the result of underlying issues that can be addressed in treatment. At Promises, we have experience helping clients recover from underlying issues that fuel intimacy disorders and love addiction and realign with their authentic selves.

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