Heavy Alcohol Consumption Linked to Bowel Cancer

The fact that alcohol can cause a variety of problems for an individual when consumed in large quantities is nothing new. But what does tend to be changing is the number of ailments identified that can result from consistent overuse of alcohol in the body. According to a new study featured in Science Daily, the lifestyle risk factors associated with alcohol consumption include high risk factors for bowel cancer. Research into this area has shown that people who consume the largest quantities of alcohol have a 60 percent greater risk of developing the cancer. There are roughly one million new cases of bowel cancer diagnosis made worldwide every year. More than half of these people die from this type of cancer. For patients in Australia, it is the most commonly occurring cancer with more than 12,000 new cases being diagnosed ever year. Lead researcher Associate Professor Rachel Huxley at The George Institute told Science Daily that the most startling finding of this study was, “the strong, and largely, unknown association between high intakes of alcoholic beverages with risk of colorectal cancer. Most people probably know that being overweight and having poor dietary habits are risk factors for the disease, but most are probably unaware that other lifestyle risk factors such as alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and diabetes are also important culprits,” Huxley added. It is not all bad news for those who consume large amounts of alcohol. Researchers have also found that physical activity was successful in lowering an individual’s risk of the disease. An individual can greatly improve their overall health if they are able to stop excessive drinking and introduce physical activity into their lifestyle. If this is too hard to do on their own, it is time for these individuals to seek help.

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