Couples Counseling Program

This couple is in need of a couples counseling program.All relationships have ups and downs. But when conflicts or disagreements arise, the differences can sometimes feel as if they are insurmountable. Further, substance abuse, sex addiction, and other mental health issues complicate relationships driving couples apart. Professional intervention through a couples counseling program can help partners rebuild trust and learn to communicate more effectively.

A couples therapy program involves work between a couple and a therapist. It is a method of reconciling differences or recognizing patterns that cause stress within relationships. The role of the relationship therapist is to improve communication and help each of the partners in the couple see how he or she is contributing to difficulties within the relationship.

Why Seek A Couples Counseling Program

In a couples counseling program, a couple meets with a therapist who will work with them and try to help them sort out their differences. This can be emotional work. Often, by the time a couple seeks counseling, the relationship is in turmoil and in danger of being fractured.

Some of the conflicts that may trigger reaching out to a relationship therapist include:

  • Disagreements over money
  • Disagreements over child-rearing
  • Difficulty expressing what each needs from the other without hostility
  • Problems with intimacy
  • Minor conflicts that escalate

Couples may also reach out to a counselor when they no longer feel connected to or in tune with each other.

Will A Couples Therapy Program Work?

To be effective, the couples counseling program therapist doesn’t choose sides but instead points out how the partners can each work on their own approach to resolving conflict and their own methods of communication.

In some cases, couples have waited too long to seek relationship counseling or are unable or unwilling to work through their problems. In these cases, the couples counselor can help the individuals make important decisions about how to move forward.

When couples genuinely love each other, there is hope of working through their differences, building a healthier, and stronger relationship with the help of a professional counselor.

Relationship Counseling With Promises Behavioral Health

At Promises Behavioral Health, we understand your need to bridge the gap separating you and your romantic partner. In addition to our couples counseling program, we also offer the following:

Reach out to us today at 844.875.5609. We will help you and your partner re-sync and become in tune with each other’s needs again.

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