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The best way to determine which treatment program is right for you is to call our recovery advisors for a free, confidential assessment: (888) 970-4313. We’ll chat about what is troubling you, your preferences with regards to treatment settings and approaches (12-step vs. non-12-step, gender-separate, etc.), and provide you with recommendations based on this initial assessment. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about rehab.

We have treatment centers across the U.S. We have programs in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. View Our Locations.

You’ll speak with experienced recovery specialists who are compassionate and knowledgeable about addiction and mental health issues and treatment placement.

Yes. We work with most major insurance providers. Call our recovery advisors for free insurance benefits to check: (888) 970-4313. We’ll work directly with your insurance company’s representatives to determine your coverage and maximize your benefits.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the level of care you need, the program, the length, and your insurance coverage. The best way to determine the cost of treatment is to call our recovery advisors so that they can assess your needs and provide a free insurance benefits check: (888) 970-4313.

We offer varying lengths of stay. Time in treatment is based on your individual needs.

Inpatient treatment is comprehensive and intensive, often involving a 28-plus day stay so that clients can get away from triggers and stressors and focus on recovery. Outpatient treatment is less intensive and appropriate for those who can maintain a period of sobriety. They also likely have a strong support system in place. Our recovery advisors can help you determine the appropriate level of care. Call us at (888) 970-4313 for a free, confidential consultation.

No. In addition to inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, we treat a full range of mental health disorders. These include as a primary diagnosis and as a co-occurring disorder with substance abuse. Some of the disorders we treat include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, personality disorders, among other issues.

If you attend one of our inpatient treatment programs, you’ll live in comfortable residences with peers who share similar struggles. Call our recovery advisors to learn about living arrangements and amenities at a particular treatment center: (888) 970-4313.

Many of our treatment centers provide transportation or can help arrange transportation for you.

Some of the features that make our treatment programs exceptional include:

National Accreditation – All of our treatment centers are accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent, nonprofit accrediting body that sets stringent standards in safety and health care excellence.

Addiction and Mental Health Experts – You’ll work with experienced, credentialed clinicians and professionals specially trained in addiction, mental health, and the underlying issues that contribute to these challenges.

Family Involvement – We provide support for the whole family with family therapy and education on ways loved ones can best support themselves and their loved one in recovery. Some of our treatment centers also offer family weekends and regular family support groups.

Network of Resources – Our extensive network of addiction and mental health treatment centers allows us to draw on the expertise and resources of other facilities and clinicians in the Promises Behavioral Health family as needed.

Evidence-Based Approaches – We draw on the latest, research-based traditional, and alternative therapies. So you can receive effective care that supports long-term recovery.

Continued Support – When you receive treatment at one of our centers, you become part of an extended family of alumni who can support you in your recovery. We also provide comprehensive aftercare planning to set you up with resources that can help you thrive in recovery after you leave our treatment center.

Many of our treatment programs offer onsite medical drug or alcohol detox. Our medical teams make sure this period is safe and as comfortable as possible. We use research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, round-the-clock monitoring, and home-like settings. If a particular treatment facility does not offer onsite medical detox, we will connect you with reputable detox facilities in the area that can assist you.

Our mental health and drug rehab programs are designed so that you’re in treatment with peers who share similar struggles. We offer highly specialized options like separate programs for young adults, professionals, Christian men, first responders suffering from trauma, and women with mental health disorders.

Yes. We help you plan for life after treatment by connecting you with therapists, physicians, and other professionals, as well as support groups and helpful resources in your community. Some of our programs offer aftercare groups as well as an optional 12-month continuing care plan that includes drug screenings, regular check-in calls, and other relapse-prevention measures.

Yes. All of our treatment programs are nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.

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