At Promises Behavioral Health, we aim to give you the best and most effective treatment we can to all of our patients. We aren’t the only ones who know this.

See what our Alumni and everyone else has to say in their Promises behavioral health testimonials.

“The entire program was more than I expected. This was the best decision I have made and I wouldn’t change a thing. The food was wonderful. The staff and the techs have been so supportive and helpful. The sessions, both group and individual, we extremely well done and very enlightening. Who knew that rehab could be fun and enjoyable! I’m so glad that I came to Promises.” -Alumni, Promises

“I wanted center that was more upscale due to my age and economic situation. I was looking to be in treatment with people i could relate to. My primary therapist was awesome. The techs are great. The food is awesome. The cleaning and cooking staff are wonderful. I love Margot the acupuncture/nutritionist she has helped me immensely. Also the emphasis on health, physical fitness and great food. The availability of massage, meditation and acupuncture is awesome.” -Alumni, Promises

“I came away with a life-changing experience. The counselors were amazing and went above and beyond for me and my family.” -Alumni, Promises

“Promises Scottsdale went above and beyond my expectations as a treatment center. My needs and goals were met and I was encouraged to dive deeper into my underlying issues. I was provided with a safe environment which to me was very important.” -Alumni, Promises

“As a 44-year old ego-maniac with an inferiority complex, I have through the unconditional love and professional guidance at MV, made significant steps toward healing. I no longer have to accept that my life’s story ends with death by a thousand paper-cuts; fueled by alcoholism. I hold my sobriety date of November 4 sacred and non-negotiable under any circumstances. At MV I have been given a robust tool-kit that will enable me to continue my vital self-exploration at The Ranch. I am no longer concerned with the duration of time this treatment will take; rather I have surrendered to the process. I now feel that I am worth all of the time, energy, and cost associated with my healing. I long to live the next half of my life with self-compassion and freedom from the fictitious story I believed about myself.” -Alumni, Promises

“I truly feel that attending Malibu Vista saved my life. I was so entrenched in my depression before coming here that I had wholly lost myself. I was unsure of who I was or what I had to offer the world before coming here, and I feel like I’ve gained a sense of self that I had lost a long time before coming here. I feel like I regained my will to live. That I have a new energy for life and that I am starting a lifelong journey of healing. I feel like I have done something so positive and so responsible for my future and in doing so I feel like I have truly proven to myself that I love myself. Perhaps my favorite thing about myself right now is that I sought treatment. I have so much to thank Malibu Vista for. Eternal gratitude, and no words seem to do it justice at all.” -Alumni, Promises

“I didn’t want to come here in the beginning because I was fine. To my surprise, I was not. My treatment team and the staff have been exceptional. I am completely satisfied. Thank you so much for the help I so needed. I am eternally grateful.” -Alumni, The Ranch

“I feel very satisfied that treatment met my needs and set me on a path to achieve all of my recovery goals. The Labyrinth walk. Definitely had a spiritual awakening there.” -Alumni, The Ranch

“God and The Ranch Mississippi saved my life, and that is a gift I could never repay. I am so grateful and thankful for everyone here at The Ranch Mississippi, words cannot express.” -Alumni, The Ranch Mississippi

“I can not complain about one thing that happened to me while I was here. I always felt that my counselor, CAs, treatment team, medical professionals, etc always had my best interest at heart. I always felt that they were fighting along side me and that my recovery was as just important to them as it was to me.” -Alumni, The Ranch Mississippi

“The therapy groups I found to be beneficial, the psycho-education classes were informative, and the off-site meetings/activities were both fun and relaxing. I can only continue to commend the staff for their professional, respectful, and caring attitudes. Mandy (RA director) and Joe (maintenance) are both extremely hard working and helpful, and go above and beyond on a daily basis for the clients. I will give special thanks to Erin (clinical) for taking the time to talk to me, despite not being my primary therapist. All the nurses were extremely kind during a very trying detox.” -Alumni, The Ranch Mississippi

“I feel that my mind needed a complete different way of thinking. I was closed off to so manny things. Treatment has helped me so much. This treatment center is out of this world. I don’t feel that I would be walking out ready to take on the world if it wasn’t for the program that we fallowed and the staff that was really there for me.” -Alumni, Journey Healing Centers

“Journey’s program has helped some close friends of mine, and I’ve seen amazing results. I think the best part of my experience was interacting with the other clients and learning from each other. This is a really unique and healing environment. I really didn’t know what I’d be getting myself into, but I’m surely grateful for every minute of my stay, and grateful to everyone that’s been a part of my experience.” -Alumni, Journey Healing Centers

“I was so fortunate to luckily find my way to Lucida. My conversation with Beth immediately made my choice of rehabs easy. The entire medical staff exceeded my expectations. The group of talented, wonderful people I was able to become life long friends with as fellow patients has changed my life. Thanks everyone so much!” -Alumni, Lucida Treatment Centers

“I am extremely grateful for the support and respect that was given to me during my stay at Lucida. I was grateful to just be myself and for the staff that encouraged me. In many ways I was brought back to the smiling woman I hadn’t seen in a while. Because of the atmosphere here I felt as though I was on a sort of spiritual retreat not “away in a rehab” and that fact alone made my journey that much more enjoyable. Thank you to all!” -Alumni, Lucida Treatment Centers

“I feel like my treatment goals were thought of really well by the support staff and executed in a very positive and fulfilling way. The staff are very supporting and they create and atmosphere among the patients/clients that make the stay positive.” -Alumni, The Right Step Houston

“Overall this was the best thing I have done for myself and my future. I feel great about everything. My resolve in this matter is very strong. All my needs were met more than I expected and will continue a happy and sober life using the tools that I have gained.” -Alumni, The Right Step Hill Country

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