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Promises Austin is here to make sure you get the best and most effective treatment possible. Here, you can focus on bettering yourself and regaining control of your life. With a variety of treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse and mental health orders, our goal is to make every client is a success story. Start your road to recovery with us.

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Addiction Treatment Programs

at Promises Austin


Residential Drug Rehab Program

Get the 24/7 help you need to overcome your addiction at our residential drug rehab center.


Addiction Therapy Programs

Our personalized addiction therapy programs will help you take control of your life and beat addiction in a way that works for you.


Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our substance abuse treatment will help you beat addiction and end physical dependency.


Dual Diagnosis

Our dual diagnosis treatment helps you get mental health and substance abuse treatment simultaneously.

Israel Villalon
18:17 17 Mar 20
I want to Thank Promises for being instrumental with my recovery. I was able to gain skills that I have been able to use for my recovery as well as life. Best decision I ever made!
molly fenlaw
20:19 13 Mar 20
Tad Weatherford
12:28 13 Mar 20
Hays County
13:58 06 Mar 20
Christina White
21:19 28 Feb 20
Eric Schoenhals
21:10 28 Feb 20
This was an amazing experience. The staff was extremely competent and compassionate. The lead RA Tiffany Duncan is one of my favorite people here, she knows what true recovery looks like. I highly recommend Promises Austin for your recovery needs!
Leslie Aldred Lambert
18:54 28 Feb 20
Promises has caring staff, a warm and friendly environment and the best rehab puppy on the planet! If you find yourself in need of treatment this program gives you the tools you will need when you step out the door back into the real world of sobriety. The staff genuinely cares about their patients. The Promises Austin campus (in Spicewood) hosts a small group of clients who are 25 years or older. This tight-knit community filled with like-minded, motivated patients is a perfect atmosphere for addicts who genuinely want help.
Preston Zaya
21:23 07 Feb 20
Great place and staff! Saved my life!
ryan shumake
20:12 04 Feb 20
Anna Booyens
21:10 31 Jan 20
I had an amazing experience at Promises. Without a doubt, Promises saved my life. The staff is very warm and caring and the food is amazing. I have been given the tools I need for a sober life day at a time.
Andrew Furst
13:39 30 Jan 20
Wonderful staff and wonderful place
David Opperman
21:27 28 Jan 20
I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Promises in Austin, Texas. Promises gave me A greater acceptance of self, a new love of self and they gave me back my life. My therapist and the staff at Promises taught me to be vulnerable, to allow others to see in me, what I could not see in myself, my true authentic self. I was given the tools I needed to cope with my anxiety, my pain and shame. So that I could rise stronger before. Through all of the therapy, hard work and the community at Promises I have been given the greatest gift. The gift of life with sobriety and a sense of belonging. For this I am forever grateful.
Johnny Givens
13:50 23 Jan 20
This is a short review. Promises Austin saved my life. I highly recommend this facility to anyone struggling with substance addiction. The facility and staff are amazing. Please consider Promises if you are reading this review. Your life will change if you want what they have to offer. Sincerely John G.
Adelaide Sandoval
20:14 20 Jan 20
Kristen Riccardi
21:22 10 Jan 20
This facility is one of a kind. Their primary focus is getting and keeping people sober. Most of the staff are recovering addicts themselves and help you through the 12 steps. They gave me hope when I had none after 13 failed rehabs. They are compassionate and knowledgeable, and they hold you accountable while treating you with respect. They offer diverse types of therapies to give you a well-rounded approach to sobriety and a plethora of spiritual tools. I can honestly say something took place here in my heart and soul that broke my chains and gave me a sense of freedom and healing unlike I have ever experienced. They showed me that life is worth living and can be beautiful. I am forever indebted to each person here. Thank you for saving my life.
Elise Turner
22:29 31 Dec 19
Promises is a place to heal. The program offers excellent therapeutic, emotional and behavior support. The staff is genuinely concerned for your health and well-being. They are friendly, supportive and ready to tell you exactly what you need to hear. My counselor Kathleen Deluca was one of the best and brightest counselors I've ever seen (and that's been too many to count). After 2 months, I feel like a new woman with the confidence to walk a path of sobriety, one day at a time.
bryce sharp
22:20 20 Dec 19
L Looger
23:01 03 Dec 19
Promises saved my life. Not an exaggeration. The staff is comprised of professional, experienced recovery advocates and clinicians, and they truly want to help those who come here. I highly recommend this excellent facility to anyone who may be struggling.
Lynda Reininger
18:48 03 Dec 19
Andrew Hines
15:04 18 Nov 19
I came into Promises at the absolute nadir of my life. I was in a fog and had no idea what to expect. I felt embarrassed, isolated, and more than a little scared. Within 24 hours thanks to the staff and community those fears and feelings of isolation were gone. Promises does an excellent job of addressing the different elements of addiction and pathways to recovery. They educate, nurture, and challenge in a way that shows they genuinely care. Promises was my first time in treatment and I am confident that with my continued diligence in the application of the tools they’ve armed me with, it will be my last.
james c. wilson
13:44 01 Nov 19
Excellent staff and support! Best experience of my life! Thanks to medical nursing, and counseling support I feel I’ve gained insight into addiction & tools to last a lifetime.
Christina Griego
17:56 21 Oct 19
Gerald Johnson
23:56 09 Oct 19
What a great place really got what I needed thanks
Peter Gandal
16:52 26 Sep 19
Brandon Pittard
13:25 26 Sep 19
Everyone here was extremely kind and knowledgeable. I was scared entering treatment but the staff was incredibly compassionate and caring. I couldn't recommend this place more highly, it was one of the best experiences of my life and truly life changing. Bless Promises and the entire staff that has assisted in my recovery.
Dana Ostos
17:04 23 Sep 19
We loved our experience with Promises. We received excellent information about the disease of addiction and the tools for recovery. They have a family based approach to recovery that has allowed all members of our family to get the help we needed.
Kelly Galbreath
18:27 20 Sep 19
Promises saved my life. A month ago I would have thought that was the cheesiest thing to say, however now I a believer. The staff was so caring and sensitive to my needs and the clients have become close friends. I would speak to the food, but there are not words to describe how amazing it is. I could not give a higher recommendation to Promises Austin!!!
Sean Eudy
19:39 17 Sep 19
heather kern
13:33 10 Sep 19
I would highly recommend this treatment center to ANYONE seeking help for any addictions. The staff, therapists, nurses and doctors are awesome and really care about each resident/client. The rooms and dining area are comfortable and clean, it almost feels like home. They have a pool, walking trail, putting green, etc for the times that you are not in group or individual therapy, all in a beautiful setting with trees and hill country views. They also have a resident dog that is calm and friendly to all. But the best of all is this:I have learned many different coping skills that have helped me immensely with my addictions ANDI know I now have the ability to stay sober for life AND I have made many friends, now sober and clean, that I know I will have for the rest of my life. I encourage anyone to seek help in this awesome place...I will forever be grateful to everyone there. Heather
Lauren Oertli
19:17 03 Sep 19
Peter P
20:06 20 Aug 19
Excellent facility with a wonderful staff. Each staff member listens to your needs and will work with you on them daily. Facility is amazing. Extremely calming and spacious. Would highly encourage anyone to come to promises.
Krzysztof Wojcik
18:55 15 Aug 19
Excellent facility with a well-structured and effective recovery program. The program offers individualized therapy carried out by professionals who are committed to clients' recovery. Very pleasant setting in Texas Hill Country near Austin, good balance of structured time and leisure, fantastic food and great atmosphere! Throughout my 4 weeks at Promises I felt genuine warmth, concern and caring from all staff. I highly recommend this place for people who need help and are serious about recovery.
summer Hayes
13:41 09 Aug 19
I felt hopeless upon entering treatment. I had already gone to one facility and felt it wasn’t the right one fore me but when I got to Promises I felt the warmth and genuine concern from the staff and residents alike. I loved being in Texas hill country surrounded by the sounds of nature. If you’re looking for a peaceful atmosphere to begin a new journey then please give promises Austin a serious look. Amazing experience, amazing people. Couldn’t be happier I chose this place. Equine therapy, nature walks, mediation, great food are just some of the amenities I got to enjoy. Good luck to whomever reads this ✌️
John Manning
21:21 06 Aug 19
Jesse Highum
19:19 29 Jul 19
When I arrived at Promises, I was overwhelmed and actually felt quite undeserving of being in such a beautiful place. However, the environment, the culture of the company, support of the highly professional staff and the seemingly instant bonds made with my peers were all conducive, and probably vital, to my recovery. I will recommend Promises to anyone seeking treatment that heals mind, body and soul by saying "Just go. Now. And dont look back - We're not going that way."
Alp Uygan
19:51 24 Jun 19
Extremely loving and caring treatment team. All around great service. I did not come in expecting a big change in myself, just expected to get sober and maintain it for a short period of time. Needless to say, my time spent here has been priceless and I’ve picked up many tools to help in all areas of my life. If you’re coming in here looking for merely sobriety, a wonderful surprise awaits you as your life will be greatly improved in almost all aspects. I initially viewed coming in here as the worst thing to happen in my life, but my time here has been the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me.
John Morgan
19:26 24 Jun 19
Having entered the program with apprehension and some skepticism I did not know what to expect or how open I was to this treatment facility and team. The facility is in a beautiful part of Texas hill country providing a serene and relaxing environment. Valuable skills learned and relationships built while providing the foundation for free flowing communication. Without a doubt I gained more than I thought or ever expected including the desire for knowledge and understanding for years to come. Many thanks to the whole team.
Catherine Spaprks
19:18 24 Jun 19
Amazing place! I feel good and see life in a new way.
Dennis Souza
15:57 24 Jun 19
Sam Hailu
18:04 20 Jun 19
The multifaceted approach in a serene resort setting was truly amazing! Programs included 12 step, Refuge recovery, and education in how addiction affects the brain was very helpful. Excellent food! Cutting edge financial therepy was also offered. I cannot imagine any other facility or staff coming close to this level of personal care. Thanks to you all for the care and kindness!
Bob Galindo
23:36 21 May 19
I have spent the last 30 days at Promises Austin and am thoroughly pleased and impressed. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional and the facilities are comfortable and well maintained. I highly recommend Promises, especially for executives.
Eric Ybarbo
12:40 13 May 19
michelle clarke
14:32 07 May 19
The staff are amazing and kind, the feeling of being with family is the first thing you feel when the cloud clears from your mind. The tools I have gathered and the help I received is what will keep me on the path to recovery. Relaxing by the pool and laughing and learning with my community will forever hold a place in my heart
Kevin johnson
01:40 03 May 19
carlos cavazos
21:52 29 Apr 19
Promises Austin has been extremely helpful in providing a safe environment, a staff and medical team that is rooted in knowledge, empathy, and client awareness - and they take a biopsychosocial approach to addiction.I would definitely recommend this residential treatment facility to others, and I am extremely grateful for all of the help I have received here.
Laura Ashmun
18:19 26 Apr 19
Promises Austin changed my life. I went for the second time and they welcomed me with open arms. The staff is incredible, knowledgable, and attentive. The food is incredible, and the grounds are kept pristine. I felt very safe and serene during my stay. It was worth every penny and I learned critical skills to aid me in my recovery. Tiffany is always patient, kind, and inspiring. She goes above and beyond for clients and is always there when you need her. Therapists Kathleen and Edwin are extremely talented in their craft, helping me work through depression and anxiety. Chef Sarah kills it in the kitchen with every meal with healthy, delicious, and nutritious fare. Patsy who does housekeeping and maintenance is incredibly hard working, detail oriented, and has the sweetest disposition of anyone I have ever met. Promises Austin was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget.
Alahna Krueger
00:29 20 Apr 19
The setting is incredible- the approach of having medical, psych & therapists on the care team allows for a “triple-play” approach to recovery. At every turn I felt safe, secure and wholly supported. It’s the best place you never want to need: but if you need help, try Promises, they’re there for you at every turn.
Ashley Merritt
21:46 18 Dec 18
The staff is wonderful as is the program. Everyone was very sweet and extremely helpful if I had any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend this place for a loved one if ever needed. I feel very secure about going out after finishing the program.
Sydney Lazar
20:44 08 Aug 18
I had the best experience at Promises. Coming to promises saved me and helped me in so many ways. Battling mental illness and addiction Promises Austin was the best place to be to help me learn how to deal and overcome these challenges. The staff is amazing from the clinical staff to the RAs, I can’t even begin to describe how awesome and caring they are. Chef is also amazing and makes the best food. Even lady the house dog is great! I am so happy that i was able to find Promises to help me cope with my addiction and mental illness. I would HIGHLY recommend coming here if you are struggling with addiction or any mental illness. It also is a plus that the location is amazing as well as the amenities.
Jake Frosty
16:09 25 Apr 18
Highly recommended! I have another chance at life. Its a very nice facility, great food and the staff is loving and caring. The counselors Carl and Michelle are excellent. I can honestly say that Promises Austin saved my life ❤I must say that the schedule was a bid messed up. Had a lot of free time. War storys where tolerated and one nurse looked out of it.
ann yager
04:36 16 Dec 17
My experience at Promises Austin was outstanding. I experienced such care and love from the R.A.s, the nurses, the nursing assistants, the chefs, and Patsy. The counselors were outstanding as well as understanding. They prodded me until I could bring up what I needed to work on. I will never forget the kindness with which I was treated. As most people remark, the food was excellent. Being in a facility that incorporates nature also aided my healing. Part of the healing process involves participation and work in the required classes. I feel I benefited because I did the work the counselors recommended even when it was mentally exhausting. The most important part of this whole process was the constant support and love from the people who work there.
Brett Johnson
20:15 27 Jul 17
Heather Berggren
07:27 10 Mar 17
Promises saved my life. As someone coming in with severe addiction and suicide being what seemed to be my only option, this place was absolutely the LIGHT I needed! My doctor was first rate with dual diagnosis. He took me away from my daily narcotic regime (which at first I hated him for) and put me on a new one that addressed all my issues, but didn't have the propensity for abuse. My therapist (Debbie) was the perfect combination of blunt realism and empowering positivity. The groups were powerful and eye opening. The fostering of "getting to the root of the illness/ addiction" so I could [understand] appropriate my feelings.... was (in MANY years of therapy) something no one had ever thought important for me to [recognize] learn. Promises is an all encompassing program. We attended [in] facility meetings, as well as a variety around town. The weekend outings were therapeutic, esteem building and gave me a chance to realize I could (a) HAVE FUN (b) ACHIEVE A NATURAL (adrenaline rush) . HIGH (c) BE PART OF A TEAM (healthy . relationships with others)(d) START TO TRUST (myself and others)As for the others... who had less than stellar reviews, all I can conclude is that maybe they weren't ready to do ANYTHING IT TOOK ( trust tyre process by turning their OWN will over even though they didn't like some of the requirements) to get clean........ oh they DID get one thing right though. The food is PHENOMENAL😄😄😄😄SHOUT OUT TO CARLOS and LEMON MIKEGive this place a chance (I would have said SHOT.. but it seemed inappropriate😂)!
Marc Starko
01:48 29 Mar 11
I recently left Spirit Lodge after 35 days of residential treatment preceeded by a long detox. I highly recommend Spirit Lodge to anyone suffering from the devastating effects of substance abuse. The facility and amenities, medical staff, recovery advocates, administration, and program of recovery were absolutely first class (not to mention the food). I have only had experience with one other Treatment Facility (Betty Ford) and I can honestly tell you my experience at Spirit Lodge was by far superior and for once I feel equipped to lead a happy sober life.
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Begin a New Life in Recovery!