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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Promises Treatment Centers specializes in treating a wide variety of addictions and underlying psychological issues. By treating the whole person and approaching addiction treatment from all angles, our clients are given the opportunity to achieve lasting recovery.

Here at Promises drug treatment centers, you'll live in a peaceful and comfortable environment where you can clear your mind and concentrate on getting well. Whether you need outpatient or inpatient alcohol rehab, drug rehab, youth rehab, or dual diagnosis treatment, Promises' licensed professionals have a common goal for all of our clients: to help you beat your addiction and get your healthy life back. Browse our different addiction treatment programs below to find the right one for you.

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Malibu Luxury Addiction Rehab

Promises Malibu is a clinically sophisticated addiction treatment center that features breathtaking views, gourmet meals and the finest, most effective treatment available.

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Young Adult Rehab

Promises West L.A. is a world-class young adult drug rehab program located in an upscale urban setting that is ideally suited to young people in recovery.

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Professionals Treatment

Licensed professionals receive addiction and mental health treatment and long-term monitoring that builds on the proven success of state physician health programs.

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Assessment & Stabilization

Promises offers thorough 96-hour assessments based on objective criteria to determine whether individuals are struggling with a substance abuse problem.

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Professionals Evaluation

Promises Treatment Centers conducts neutral evaluations of alcohol and drug use based on objective diagnostic criteria to determine whether an individual is able to function safely and effectively on the job.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Promises offers medically monitored drug detox that is closely supervised by a team of independent affiliated physicians and detox specialists who use a combination of traditional and alternative approaches to make detox as gentle and comfortable as possible.

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Women's Mental Health

Malibu Vista is a residential mental health program for women in a supportive, home-like setting high atop the hills of Malibu. We treat mood disorders and psychiatric issues such as depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

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I could have died. Being in the struggle is like torture. Something feels like it’s wrong but you don’t want to openly admit that it’s the drugs and alcohol.

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A long-term outcome study shows alumni of Elements Behavioral Health treatment centers enjoy a dramatic increase in days free of drug or alcohol use, less cravings, and improved mood and quality of life.

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