Addiction Therapy Programs

We offer a wide variety of traditional, alternative and experiential therapies at our addiction therapy treatment centers so we can individualize treatment plans to your needs. Available therapies are based on clinical recommendation and length of stay. Some addiction therapy programs may incur an additional fee.

12 Step Groups

Support groups can go a long way to helping you stay accountable for your sobriety. With the time-honored 12-step system, you can learn tips and skills for staying sober and create lasting friendships simultaneously.


Using acupuncture can create a state of relaxation, adding a method of managing your pain and improving your health.

Anger Management Therapy

Many people struggle to control their anger before, during, and after substance use. With anger management therapy, you can learn to control your emotions and examine the sources.

Art Therapy

Sometimes, words aren’t enough to express your thoughts and feelings. Using art therapy can be a helpful release as you recover from addiction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a helpful tool as you learn how your thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence your behaviors.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

You can process your PTSD and trauma in a healthy way, changing how your past influences your future.

Couples Counseling

Many couples’ relationships are damaged when a partner is involved in substance abuse. With the help of couples counseling, you can repair relationships that addiction damages.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy

An off-shoot of cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy changes the way you react in times of extreme pressure.


EMDR is another tool that therapists use to help the victims of trauma. Using this procedure, you can effectively change how you react to depression.

Equine Therapy Program

Being around animals, such as horses, can be extremely therapeutic. You can learn how your behavior impacts people around you and how to cope with that knowledge.

Family Therapy Program

Repair relationships with your family members, learn how to create healthy boundaries, and put an end to co-dependent relationships with family therapy.

Four Agreements

This treatment program gives you the chance to seek higher amounts of freedom and happiness.

Grief Counseling

In many situations, substance abuse and mental health conditions start as a result of grief. Learn how to deal with your pain healthily with grief counseling.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which several patients meet regularly to share their struggles with one another with guidance from a therapist.

Individual Therapy

Talk one on one with a therapist to get to the core causes of your mental health and substance abuse conditions.


Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial in allowing you to let go of life’s stresses and troubles.

Medicine Wheel

Use this Native American-based treatment option to align yourself with health and healing.

Mindfulness Meditation

Bring your mind back to the present, away from your past struggles with mental health or addiction with mindfulness meditation.

Motivational Interviewing

Learn the core causes of your desires with motivational interviewing. This treatment strengthens your commitment to change.

Music Therapy

Build your self-awareness and express challenging thoughts and feelings with the help of our music therapy program.


A few sensors are placed on your scalp in order to read your brain waves in a process that is simple and can be done anywhere.

Pain Management

For sufferers of chronic pain, our pain management program can help you choose alternative treatment options that do not involve addictive substances.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Prolonged Exposure therapy helps individuals who suffer from PTSD to deal with their fears and emotions around their trauma, allowing you to lessen their hold on your life.

Psychodrama Therapy

Process unique and complex memories with psychodrama therapy, allowing you to end their hold on your life.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Resolve painful or traumatic memories with this exciting form of talk therapy.

Relapse Prevention Counseling

Make a plan to stay free from substance abuse and mental health conditions with the help of relapse prevention.

Ropes Course Therapy

Learn to cooperate and communicate with the people around you using our ropes course therapy.

Somatic Experiencing

Use body sensations to process and heal from traumatic experiences in your past.

Stress Management Therapy

Learn how to manage your stress levels and overcome anxiety with the help of our stress management therapy.

The Daring Way™

Embrace your vulnerability and accept your failures as you move into the future with this exciting new treatment program.

Therapeutic Recreation

Having fun can be extremely therapeutic. Using our therapeutic recreation program, you can build a support network and cope with stress.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is a new, evidence-based tool that we can use to help people suffering from depression.


Learn to practice yoga and other mindfulness skills to help manage your stress and put an end to its hold on your life.

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