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When seeking an alcohol rehab center, many people believe they can’t take the time away from work and family responsibilities to enter an inpatient program. For these people, there is the option of working with one of the many outpatient drug rehabilitation centers. These are especially helpful for people who have additional support at home and in the community to help them get through the difficult stages of recovery. Many people who spend time in an inpatient alcohol rehab center undergo more therapy in an outpatient center. This decision helps solidify the things they have learned while an inpatient. What are some of the benefits both an inpatient and an outpatient center can give you on this journey? Let’s take a look.

Learning About AddictionA man covers his face as he decides to seek treatment at an alcohol rehab center

Many people who enter an alcohol rehab center don’t fully understand addiction. They may come feeling that they are somehow weaker than the many people who seem to be able to keep their drinking in control. A sense of shame or failure may be present. By learning about the reality of addiction, you can learn to forgive yourself and know that many factors went into getting you to the place you are now. We don’t understand every aspect of addiction yet. We know enough to help you see that you aren’t alone in your addiction, and you aren’t somehow defective because of it.

Finding and Treating the Underlying Cause

When helping a person overcome an addiction, an alcohol rehab center needs to dig deep inside the person’s history and mind to find the reason that person turned to alcohol. Nobody takes that first drink with plans to become addicted. They may fall victim to peer pressure. They may have been trying to find ways to deal with stress or anxiety. An underlying psychological condition such as depression or bipolar disorder may have been so challenging to handle that self-medication looked like an answer. Whatever led you to seek alcohol needs to be discovered and addressed. An alcohol rehab center will allow you to find this reason in a safe environment. Even more, a rehab center for alcoholics will help you find other ways of coping with the issues. You will no longer have to rely on alcohol to get you through another day.

Building New Habits

By attending an alcohol rehab center, you have access to the knowledge of trained counselors. They can help you find ways to replace the habit that drinking has become productively. Addiction is partially a habit. So often, places, certain people, or specific activities can trigger the urge to drink.  By finding alternative actions to turn to when the urge to drink is triggered, you give yourself healthy choices. The more of these choices you make, the less likely you are to fall back onto old habits and methods of coping. The right rehab center for alcoholics will give you the tools necessary to help you build a better life by making better choices. With each successful decision, you will feel yourself becoming stronger and more able to create personal boundaries that benefit you for the rest of your life.

Promises Behavioral Health Gives You Choices

Once you seek to enter an alcohol rehab center, contact Promises Behavioral Health and talk with someone about the various options available to you. Because we believe everybody needs an individualized course of treatment, we can help discover what is best for you. We offer treatment options, such as:

These are just a few of our treatment options. You will always have input. We want to meet you where you are and help you make this journey as smooth as possible. Get in contact today by calling 844.875.5609.

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