doctor and client discussing available addiction treatment programs at an available addiction treatment centerPromises Treatment Centers has a reputation for sophisticated addiction and dual diagnosis treatment and a commitment to client satisfaction. We are a Joint Commission accredited treatment center for men and women ages 25 and older. Our addiction treatment center will accept a small number of clients at a time so that we can offer regular individual therapy sessions and small counseling groups. Through a variety of addiction treatment programs, we can provide each of our clients with the support and care they need for recovery.

Here are some of the ways our addiction treatment center stands out from others:

Treatment for Adults Ages 25+

All of our clients are 25 years of age and older. This age requirement creates a more mature and meaningful treatment experience and adds to the comfort level of our clients. At Promises, you’ll receive treatment alongside peers you can relate to who share similar life experiences.

Personalized Attention

We accept a maximum of 24 clients at a time. Our small size and one-on-one practitioner attention every week – ensures that you receive the personalized care and attention you deserve. Each client sees their therapist for individual sessions two times per week.

Holistic Approach

Clients typically arrive at Promises Treatment Centers drained emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Our addiction treatment programs provide healing in all of these areas. In addition to traditional therapies such as individual and group counseling, we offer more than a dozen different holistic therapies.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our clients receive integrated treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders from a team of experienced clinicians, a full-time physician, and 24-hour nursing staff. They also see our psychiatrist once or twice per week.

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Trauma and PTSD are often underlying issues that lead to and perpetuate addiction. We have staff specially trained in treating trauma and draw on therapies shown to help heal trauma, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR therapy program.

Positive Approach to Recovery

Promises Treatment Centers approaches recovery from a positive psychology perspective. This approach to treatment teaches clients to draw upon their inner strength and resiliency. Clients are empowered to focus on goals and the positive aspects of recovery and living a meaningful life.

Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle

At Promises, you’ll learn to live substance-free, and also to live well. Our innovative health and wellness program includes individualized nutrition plans, weekly group fitness classes, yoga, and more. Treatment begins with an assessment by a multidisciplinary team of professionals including members trained in the fields of dietetics and nutritional counseling. We develop a profile of your current nutritional situation and chart a course to replenish key nutrients and improve your health throughout treatment with proper nutrition and exercise.

Fun in Recovery

We create exciting and challenging real-world experiences that will prepare you for life outside treatment. Our therapeutic recreation program, which includes trips to restaurants, movies, and other venues, will show you how much fun recovery can be. These activities will also give you a chance to test your new skills while residing in a structured, supportive treatment setting.

Comprehensive Family Involvement

Addiction impacts the entire family. That’s why it’s important that loved ones also recover from its effects. Promises addiction rehabs involve the family in treatment, providing weekly family therapy program as clinically appropriate and offering a monthly two-day family program. Loved ones learn about the disease of addiction, family roles, signs of relapse, relapse prevention, and how to best support themselves and their loved one in recovery.

Attention to Spirituality

Spirituality is a central aspect of our addiction recovery program. To facilitate spiritual exploration in various forms, we offer a medicine wheel, a labyrinth, optional weekly trips to a local church, spirituality groups, and meditation. Our spirituality recovery program is designed to help you make changes that will bring meaning and purpose into your life. We encourage free expression and exploration and hope that you find strength in your personal experience of spirituality.

Continuing Care

Continuing care planning will help you make a smooth transition back into everyday life and obtain the ongoing help you need to thrive in recovery. We’ll help you identify and effectively navigate triggers and maintain motivation in recovery.

Promises is Your Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re looking effective and reliable addiction treatment programs, you need the help of Promises Treatment Centers. Reach out to our team today and contact Promises by calling 1.713.528.3709. Begin the rehab admissions process and achieve recovery.