Distressed old woman

Depression in the Elderly

Although it might be surprising to younger adults, clinical depression is a common problem for many seniors. Approximately 6 million Americans aged 65 and older are affected by late-life depression. Unfortunately, very few of them actually seek treatment. Symptoms of late-life depression often differ from those typically exhibited by younger adults. This is one of…


Family Intervention – Helping a Loved One

In a family intervention, the addicted individual is confronted with the effect their addiction is having on those around them, primarily their family. When considering a family intervention, the professional staff of intervention counselors at The Sundance Center will prove to be an invaluable resource.  We have worked with some of the country’s best interventionists…


Breakthrough Study Finds Heavy Methamphetamine Use Increases Risk of Schizophrenia

Heavy methamphetamine users may be at a significantly higher risk for developing schizophrenia than others, according to researchers from Toronto’s Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The researchers’ findings-based on the world’s first expansive study on long-term methamphetamine use’s association to psychosis-have been published in advanced online in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Previous…