Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage

The cost of rehab varies greatly depending on several factors. For example, the state in which people receive rehab and the type of rehab they choose all affect the cost. Fortunately, Aetna rehab insurance coverage ensures that they don’t have to cover the expenses alone. Thanks to Aetna and our behavioral health specialists, they don’t have to live with addiction and mental illness.

Government Legislation Makes Affording Rehab Possiblecouple talks to businesswoman with portfolio about aetna rehab insurance coverage

Affording rehab is easier than ever before, thanks to government legislation. The law requires insurance companies, such as Aetna, to provide coverage for drug addiction treatment. The reason is that the disease falls in line with other mental disorders and medical conditions.

Of course, the coverage that people get still depends heavily on their policies. For example, some plans cover the entire cost of rehab, while others only cover a portion. Furthermore, some plans only pay for certain types of rehab.

Let’s say that an individual has Aetna rehab insurance coverage and wants to attend residential rehab. If the individual’s plan doesn’t cover residential rehab, they might have to pay for it out of pocket. However, the policy might cover another program, such as outpatient rehab. In that case, the individual may pay for part or none of the cost.

Aetna Rehab Insurance Coverage

The goal is for people to find a rehab center that accepts their Aetna rehab insurance coverage. The easiest way to do that is to contact the rehab center directly. There are two major benefits of making the call.

Firstly, it gives people a chance to choose the facility that they want. When they contact their insurers, the representatives might steer them toward a cheaper alternative to save money.

Secondly, directly contacting the rehab center is faster. Within minutes, they can tell people if their Aetna drug rehab coverage works or not. Because of that, they spend less time trying to find a facility and more time focusing on healing.

Usually, Aetna rehab insurance coverage is a great choice for people who need health plans. Actually, the company has over 22 million medical members. Also, the company works with over 1 million health care providers.

Finding Reliable Rehab Is Key

Overcoming addiction starts with finding the right treatment facility. People want a facility that provides not only rehab but also detox services. After all, treatment doesn’t start with rehab. It starts with detox.

However, few rehab centers provide both services. In order to get comprehensive care, some people have to transfer from one facility to another. The change can cause unnecessary stress during their recovery. Because of that, it’s important for them to search for a rehab center that provides both.

Likewise, people want to find a drug rehab treatment center that offers gender-specific care. Men and women have different needs when it comes to addiction treatment. As a result, they need to find rehab centers that take these differences into account.

Promises Behavioral Health Works Closely With Aetna

At Promises Behavioral Health, we’re proud to work closely with a wide range of insurance providers. Reach out to our behavioral health specialists to find out if we accept your Aetna drug rehab coverage. Our insurance verification process is fast and painless.

Of course, Promises Behavioral Health isn’t great just because we work with many insurers. In fact, we have a wide range of programs to help you overcome addiction. A few of them include:

Fight back against addiction with the help of our friendly staff at Promises Behavioral Health. Find out if we accept your Aetna rehab insurance coverage. Contact us at 844.875.5609 to start the insurance verification process.            

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