Benzo Addiction Treatment Center

Promises Behavioral Health operates the benzo addiction treatment center you can trust. Our therapists routinely work with clients who’ve been on the medications for a while. For many, doing so led to unwelcome benzo withdrawal symptoms when they tried to quit. If you realize that you feel the need to use the drug beyond the prescription guidelines, we can help.

Who Visits the Benzo Addiction Treatment Center?female patient sits on couch while talking to a therapist with notebook in a benzo addiction treatment center

A benzo addiction rehab program is a good option when you received the medication for anxiety. Your doctor prescribed it in the hopes that it would help you. They figured that you would only be on it for a short while. However, the relaxation right out of the package was alluring.

You liked the way the drug made you feel. Maybe you even started seeing multiple doctors to get prescriptions for benzos. You began increasing the dose. Somewhere along the way, the chemicals in the drug caused a change in neurotransmitter release.

Suddenly, you began associating pleasure with benzo use. The absence of benzos led to feelings of sadness, depression, and worse. Now, you’re just using the drugs to feel normal. At our Benzo addiction treatment center, we can help you turn things around.

Treatment Options for Anxiety at the Benzo Addiction Treatment Center

Yoga therapy programs for addiction are ideally suited for people with co-occurring conditions such as anxiety. At Promises Behavioral Health, our therapists understand that there’s a reason you responded so well to the medication. It met your need. Therefore, it’s essential to find non-habit-forming ways of dealing with the condition.

In the case of anxiety, stress relief is a must. Therefore, we offer yoga therapy that combines with mindfulness training. Both modalities assist you with relaxation and anxiety reduction. Of course, you might also have other underlying mental health concerns.

One of them could be depression. Because benzos change how the brain’s reward center works, you no longer derive the same pleasure from certain activities. Therefore, you may need to learn workarounds until you regain equilibrium.

After Detox, You Break the Psychological Dependency

Detoxification from benzos is the first step toward recovery. You end the fear of withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, you feel comfortable with not using the medication. Typically, it takes five to seven days to get to this point.

Afterward, it’s time to start the clinical benzo addiction rehab program. It consists of modalities that help you stop the psychological addiction. Therapists will customize a plan with your unique needs in mind. Examples of care options include:

Support at the benzo addiction treatment center is ongoing. We offer men and women’s support groups that build on your strengths for healing. Most importantly, our therapists understand that you arrived at this point for a variety of reasons. Therefore, they’ll address your unique case of a benzo addiction with targeted psychotherapy.

Find out how a stay at our inpatient benzo addiction treatment center could change your life. Conquering your addiction is possible with the right tools and support. Call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 today to schedule an intake appointment.

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