Cigna Rehab Insurance Coverage

Thankfully, paying for rehab doesn’t always have to come directly out of people’s pockets. There are numerous ways to get help paying for addiction treatment. One of the best ways to cover the cost is with Cigna insurance. However, do the best drug rehab centers accept Cigna rehab insurance coverage?

Government Health Care Legislationinsurance businesswoman provides cigna rehab insurance coverage papers for happy couple to sign

It’s important to know that the government has made vast improvements to make rehab affordable. In fact, legislation requires health care providers, such as Cigna, to cover drug rehab. In short, addiction demands the same level of care and treatment that other mental health conditions do.

However, the Cigna rehab insurance coverage that people have depends entirely on their insurance policies. While legislation requires health insurers to cover addiction treatment, the amount of coverage varies.

For example, some Cigna drug rehab coverage might pay for inpatient rehab. Other policies might only cover outpatient treatment. Since inpatient treatment typically costs more, plans with that kind of coverage tend to have more expensive premiums.

Cigna Insurance

Along with learning how insurance companies handle addiction, it’s helpful to get to know Cigna a little better. For those who don’t know, Cigna is an American-based health services organization. It provides different types of insurance, including life, dental, and medical.

“Together, all the way,” is Cigna’s motto. With that, the insurer made it onto the Fortune 500 list, which ranks the largest American corporations by revenue. In 2018, Cigna ranked number 73.

Cigna Rehab Insurance Coverage Can Help People Get Addiction Treatment

Getting treatment at a quality drug rehab center is crucial for those with addiction. Unfortunately, some of the best rehab centers have high price tags. Thankfully, Cigna rehab insurance coverage can make them more affordable. In some cases, insurance policies cover the entire cost of rehab.

When people look for the best drug rehab centers, they need to look at the treatment methods. It’s important to find rehab centers that use evidence-based modalities, which have a proven track record. In fact, most studies suggest that evidence-based methods support long-term recovery.

Insurance Verification

During the search for a rehab center, people should also find one that works with numerous insurance companies. If they aren’t sure that a rehab center accepts their policies, they should contact the rehab center. The staff can do a quick insurance verification to ensure that they accept their plans.

In most cases, contacting the rehab center for verification is faster than contacting the insurance company. Furthermore, insurers often push for facilities that are cheaper because it saves them money. In short, people should find a rehab center that they like and then verify their insurance. In some cases, people can do the verification process on the rehab center’s website.

Promises Behavioral Health Works With Many Insurance Providers

Are you looking for a rehab center that accepts Cigna drug rehab coverage? If so, it’s time to contact Promises Behavioral Health. We pride ourselves on working with a wide array of insurance providers. We know that the more insurance companies we work with, the more people we can help.

Of course, there are more reasons to choose Promises Behavioral Health than the fact that we accept Cigna rehab insurance coverage. Another reason is the sheer amount of addiction recovery services that we offer, including:

Don’t try to fight your addiction alone. Find out if we accept your Cigna rehab insurance coverage. Dial 844.875.5609 so that Promises Behavioral Health can verify your policy benefits.            


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