Codeine Addiction Treatment Center

Few people think of codeine as an addictive drug. In reality, it’s a Schedule II drug that has strong addiction potential. At the Promises Behavioral Health codeine addiction treatment center, therapists frequently work with good people like you. There’s a way out of the dependency that you developed.

How Did Codeine Hook You?male sits in a chair with his head in his hand while talking to a therapist in a codeine addiction treatment center

Many people coming to the codeine addiction rehab program received an introduction to the drug at a party. There, people used it as part of purple drank, a drug that includes prescription cough syrup and soda. Whenever you participated in purple drank use, you ingested a severe overdose of the drug. It didn’t take long for you to experience tolerance and then addiction.

Maybe you began taking cough syrup in an attempt to get over a bad cold. You liked the way that the medication made you feel. That’s when you started taking more and more of the cough syrup. Soon, you started doctor-shopping to get more prescriptions.

Enrolling at the Codeine Addiction Treatment Center for Detox

Detoxification is the first step toward recovery. It enables you to quit taking the codeine. However, because it’s an opiate, there’s going to be some intense discomfort. That said, you can overcome it through medication-assisted treatment.

Promises Behavioral Health centers work with clients to stop using codeine safely and effectively. Medication helps with the cravings as well as the pain. After about a week of medical drug detox at the codeine addiction treatment center, you’re ready to move on to clinical care.

Clinical Care for Codeine Addiction

Mindfulness meditation for addiction treatment is a perfect way to start the process. Therapists guide you in the process of living in the moment. Besides that, they help you breathe through stressors and triggers. As you do so, you learn to deal with anxiety if it crops up.

Of course, there’s more to a customized codeine addiction rehab program than mindfulness training. You work with a therapist who gets to know you. Therefore, they can put together a unique care protocol that speaks to you. Possible care approaches include:

  • Massage therapy as a tool for bodily relaxation that translates into a comfortable sleep pattern without the need for medication.
  • Individual therapy that lets you talk through your codeine use to uncover patterns you need to address
  • Behavioral therapies that focus on dysfunctional coping mechanisms that you want to replace with healthy ones
  • Group therapy that leverages the power of positive peer feedback and accountability for relapse prevention
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones to rebuild communication and help them understand how to support you

Four Agreements Further Facilitate Codeine Rehab

These agreements are life principles. They help you take a life that drugs ravaged and rebuild it. The Four Agreements have to do with personal authenticity and effective communication. Because people who abuse opiates frequently self-isolate, this modality can be instrumental in turning things around for you.

In the process, you learn social and life skills. That’s essential for a drug-free life of long-term recovery. Of course, the Four Agreements aren’t just for people with opiate addiction. That said, they’re excellent tools to use during individual and group therapy sessions at the codeine addiction treatment center.

Enrolling at the Codeine Addiction Treatment Center Today

It’s time to stop the addiction to codeine. Overcome physical dependency today with enrolling in detoxification. It’ll only take about a week before you’re ready to move on to rehab. Promises Behavioral Health makes it easy to transition seamlessly from medical to clinical treatment.

Find out more about the Promises Behavioral Health codeine addiction treatment center by calling 844.875.5609 now.


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