Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Center

The hallucinogen umbrella term refers to a broad range of synthetic and natural drugs that change the perception of reality. Examples include peyote, so-called magic mushrooms, LSD, PCP, and ketamine. Use of these drugs can have mild to intense results with varying dangers of addiction. At our hallucinogen addiction treatment center, we routinely work with clients whose substance use went out of control.

How Hallucinogens Affect Youman and woman sit together talking in a hallucinogen addiction treatment center

Depending on the substance, you might move from a euphoric state to a sudden deep depression. Some people experience agitation that expresses itself in aggression toward others. You might have auditory, visual, and kinetic hallucinations. You hear, see, and feel things that aren’t there.

Sometimes, this can be tremendously frightening, which heightens an agitated state. At the hallucinogen addiction treatment center, therapists often hear of these “bad trips.” Some hallucinogens make you feel like there’s a disconnect between you and your body. When the two connect again, you may be going through tremendous pain.

Why Get Help at a Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Center?

You won’t typically have a painful physical response to withdrawal. That’s why many people think they can quit on their own. However, that’s not always the case. Frequently, the psychological addiction holds tremendous power over them.

In some cases, withdrawal can also bring emotional problems. You may encounter psychosis, depression, and flashbacks. Some people suffer from panic attacks. That’s why enrollment in supervised hallucinogen treatment programs is essential.

Medical drug detoxing can be as short as three to seven days. It depends on the drug, your reaction to it, and the typical dosage you’ve used. Besides that, your overall health plays a role in detox. If you struggle with an underlying co-occurring condition, your detox will look different from someone who doesn’t.

What Rehab Looks Like

When you no longer deal with signs of withdrawal, you transition from detox to hallucinogen rehab. There, you work on overcoming the psychological hold of the drugs. One modality that works very well is motivational interviewing therapy for addiction treatment. It helps you determine your motivating factors for seeking recovery.

Because psychological addiction to hallucinogens can be so challenging to overcome, it’s essential to tap into your motivation frequently. What’s encouraging you to keep going? How do you want your life to look after rehab? What are your short and long-term goals?

Of course, motivational interviewing alone isn’t enough for hallucinogen rehab. Other hallucinogen treatment programs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy as a tool for replacing dysfunctional patterns with healthy ones
  • Dialectical behavior treatment that empowers you to take control of intense emotions in stressful situations
  • Mindfulness training, which teaches you how to manage stressors and triggers through breathing exercises and guided visualization
  • Neurofeedback at the hallucinogen addiction treatment center that helps you understand which brainwaves to strengthen for recovery from substance abuse
  • Grief counseling, which can be instrumental in removing a trigger for hallucinogen abuse

Group Therapy at the Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Center

Working with peers who’re in recovery is a vital component of treatment. You learn from others as they’re progressing in their healing. Most importantly, you receive positive feedback and assistance from others who’ve been there. Peer-to-peer counseling is also a powerful relapse prevention tool.

It introduces you to accountability, which later comes into play when you join support groups. Almost all clients take this step after program graduation. Some select 12 Step groups, whereas others opt for non 12 step groups. No matter what setup you favor, the group aspect is a central point.

Find out how to enroll at the Promises Behavioral Health hallucinogen addiction treatment center by calling 844.875.5609.


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