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10 Songs You For Your Meditation Playlist

Meditation is an activity that can improve your health and life in multiple ways and can be an especially effective recovery coping tool. But when you’re new to the practice, where do you begin? How do you create a zen-worthy space complete with a meditation playlist to match? 

Not only can the practice of meditation help to support positive changes on your recovery journey and help you live a happier life, but meditation assists with stress reduction and anxiety relief. Beyond that, it is also associated with improving quality of life and sleep. Despite the benefits, the biggest challenge individuals face is starting their meditation practice and sticking with it. 

How to Get Started with Music Meditation

  1. Cue up a playlist (we have some examples below)
  2. Find a comfortable position in which to sit or lie quietly
  3. Clear your mind of all thoughts and responsibilities
  4. Connect with your breath and follow the rise and fall of each inhale and exhale

Meditation can be done through an app like Headspace or Calm, or even just spent listening to the sounds of the birds. Having a playlist of meditation music to support your practice can also be a great way to meditate. This is a great and powerful way for beginners to try out undirected meditation rather than guided meditation. It is simpler, and its effects are instantly relaxing. Ultimately, however, there is no right or wrong way. 

Meditating while listening to calming music can deliver countless benefits, including numerous “emotional, cognitive and neurobiological benefits.” Listening to music while meditating and choosing to focus on the music reduces the likelihood of having a wandering mind. 

10 Songs for Your Meditation Playlist

The choices and styles of meditation music are endless. Whether you are going for traditional Tibetan, Indian, Gregorian or Japanese tunes or perhaps trying nature sounds, the choices are endless, and the key is to experiment! 

Here are 10 songs from different styles you need on your meditation playlist today: (Note: all links below are to Spotify)

1. Meditation – Monoman 

This melody pulls you along as you sit back and relax.

2. Flute Meditation – Buddha’s Lounge 

This slow, winding tune has nature sounds that will help you feel relaxed as you recharge your mind. 

3. Binaural Meditation – Spiritual Movement 

The binaural beats in this song help create an audio illusion and 3-D listening experience that can help you get lost in the music. 

4. Nature Meditation – Nature Tribe

These nature sounds paired with flute whistles feel reminiscent of ancient civilizations and forest chatter that helps escape the modern world’s pressures.

5. Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants- “Ocean Gold” – Jonathan Goldman, Crystal Tones

The haze of sounds and chants in this compilation is easy to get lost in, offering a place for your mind to let go of its worries. 

6. Tibetan Singing Bowls – Healing Yoga Meditation Music Consort

This atmospheric capture of Tibetan singing bowls is perfectly timed—grounding while also encouraging exploration into deeper recesses of the mind. 

7. Reiki Serenity Healing- Anxiety Relief – Japanese Zen Meditation Lab, Relax Playlist

This Japanese-inspired melody has more force than the other songs on this list and is unapologetic as it carries you along towards relaxation.

8. Mind Harmony (Rain & Wind) – Just Relax Music Universe

The soft power of the two elements and the wind chimes affected by their swells easily transports you to a moment of peace.

9. Meeting of Two Oceans – Chinmaya Dunster 

This melody is driven by eastern-inspired sounds, allowing for a slowly winding, meandering journey towards relaxation.

10. Stress Relief Therapy – Camille Enyal

The soothing tones offered by this song are contemplative and curious, allowing you the space you need to find clarity. 

Meditation music can help individuals in recovery deal with mental overstimulation. It also helps with the trap of negative thoughts by allowing for more opportunities to be present and live meaningfully. Practicing meditation while listening to music is a great form of self-care and something that all individuals, especially those living fast-paced and stressful lives, should add to their daily routines. 

Irrespective of the playlist or music you choose, you should be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated once you complete your mediation session. Don’t be alarmed if it takes some experimenting to figure out what works best for you. 
If you’re curious about how we use meditation as a tool in many of our treatment centers or wonder how meditation might fit into your treatment plan, the team at Promises Behavioral Health is available to offer specialized help. Contact us today at 844-970-3011 to learn more.

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