AAIM Citizen Group Promotes Officer Awards, Outreach Programs to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Though not as well-known as other anti-drunk driving organizations, the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) is nearly 30 years old in the U.S. and continues to support families who have been victimized by drunk driving accidents. Founded in Illinois, AAIM was the state’s premier citizen organization to help prevent drunk driving. Though targeted in Illinois, the mission if AAIM is applicable to every state: citizens working together to prevent deaths and injuries caused by intoxicated motorists and to help victims and their families. To reach this goal, members of AAIM assist with public messages and campaigns to help drivers understand the consequences of drunk driving. Group members also act in the legislative arena, encouraging enhanced and strengthened consequences for drivers who consume alcohol and get behind the wheel. Utilizing community engagement, members of AAIM encourage and allow their fellow citizens to take a role in helping prevent accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving. They also work together to support and assist people whose families have experienced the physical, emotional and financial impacts of being the victim in a drunk driving accident. Messages on the AAIM web site are precise and targeted toward its mission. The site includes photos of vehicles that have been involved in car accidents related to alcohol consumption and statistics, including one statistic stating that 39 percent of car crashes that end lives are connected to drivers drinking alcohol. Updates in the online news section of the organization’s web site also help citizens to better understand the laws surrounding drunk driving in their state. The AAIM also uses technology to help complete its mission, including the “Drunkbusters” program which encourages drivers to use their cell phone to alert law enforcement officials if a driver is swerving or showing other signs of drunk driving. In area high schools and colleges, members of AAIM encourage students to take the 3-D Pledge: Not to drive dangerously, not to text and drive, and to make a decision not to drink and drive. The group also supports the work of law enforcement agencies and officers to help save lives lost from alcohol related car accidents, including a yearly survey of police departments in Illinois to recognize those who have accomplished goals related to drunk driving prevention. Individual officers receive credit and recognitions, as well as their departments, to help provide encouragement as they work toward creating safer roadways and stopping drunk drivers. Members of AAIM also try to bring the message to people on a personal level about the consequences of drunk driving, including a web site section called “Faces of Tragedy.” The section tells a story about a family who has lost a loved one due to alcohol-related driving accidents and also strives to provide a source of hope and support to other grieving families. Through news, award programs and school outreach work, the members of AAIM continue to encourage other citizens to get involved in stopping the accidents, injuries and fatalities related to drunk driving in their own state.

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