Celebrating Our Renewed Commitment

When we think of anniversaries, we often think of our memories of happiness, friendship, family and personal transformation. We think of the new habits and ideas we’ve discovered and the changes we’ve made to better our lives. We think of the people who supported us throughout the year and how their dedication helped us in meeting our goals.

This week marks a very special time for Promises Behavioral Health. This week marks one year since we renewed our commitment by transforming how we deliver client care across the country. As we look back on our progress, we see an organization that has had its share of challenges but has continued to strive for the best. This year we focused on recommitting ourselves to our purpose and taking a deeper look into how we can fulfill our promises every single day. But what do these promises look like?

Our Promises

  1. We promise to provide a clear, accessible path to addiction and mental health treatment.
    We do this by accepting most major insurances, by working with you to find the best facility for care and by understanding your personal circumstances, no matter how complex they may be.
  2. We promise to fight the stigma.
    We understand the challenges of addiction and mental health disorders. We know there are still those who view these disorders as personal failures rather than clinically diagnosed illnesses. We are working day and night, inside the office and out, to set the record straight and dissolve the stigmas behind getting treatment.
  3. We promise to work with our communities.
    We love our local communities. We want to be the household name in behavioral health services and what better way to do that than actively engaging in sober community events, hosting fundraising activities and volunteering with our local non-profit organizations.
  4. We promise to build better care together.
    We are always striving to provide the best care possible through innovative, evidence-based programs along with spiritual and adventure-based alternative therapies. Our aim is to help our clients rebuild their lives by healing the whole person through mind, body and spirit practices.
  5. We promise transparency of care.
    We offer comfortable, dependable and trustworthy treatment. Each client can expect us to explain what our treatment options look like, work through financial questions and provide a safe space for our clients all in an effort to ease the point of entry into the right treatment center.
  6. We promise to create a positive work environment.
    Without our dedicated team of talented individuals, we would have never made it through this year. We are committed to providing an environment that promotes personal growth, clear communication and a strong team atmosphere.
  7. We promise to be the place where our clients can heal.
    Recovery is hard. We understand that. It is not always a smooth path to health and there are going to be ups and downs. We are here to provide a place to heal and help our clients find themselves by looking into the root of their addiction or mental health disorder.

As we celebrate this year, we look at our strengths, weaknesses, how far we have come and how far we still have to go. We are committed to these promises to our clients, our team and our communities. Just like renewing vows, we renew these promises and celebrate a year of transformational accomplishments. Help us celebrate this week by sharing your personal recovery stories and support our promise to end addiction and mental health stigmas.

Recovery begins with a promise and we are here to help.
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