Regular Exercise can be Beneficial for those with Anxiety Problems

Recent research concluded by psychologists suggests exercise can be advantageous to those who suffer from sensitivity to high anxiety, such as those battling depression. Jasper Smits, a psychologist with SMU in Dallas, Texas suggests exercise as a useful option for those with anxiety who may not have the access to methods of treatment that are more traditional. Smits does not suggest exercise as a means to replace psychotherapy or pharmaceutical means but says that physicians already suggest exercise for general health and well-being of patients so they may be able to reach more people who need help in this way. The study published in Science Daily showed that people with high levels of anxiety, such as those with an extreme fear of the symptoms related to increased anxiety, reacted much better to the stressor they used to induce panic when they had engaged in elevated levels of exercise. Researchers stated there is evidence that exercise is helpful for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and that regular levels of exercise can be used as another means to prescribed medicines or psychotherapy. The recent study only builds on earlier findings that were outlined in an Oxford University 2011 Press release done by Otto and Smits and showed that exercise worked as an “antidepressant” drug to help with mood and to decrease anxiety levels. Otto stresses that exercise may be a strong addition to a wide variety of treatments in dealing with anxiety and stress, in general. When people feel better due to exercise, they take the steps necessary to benefit their health in general, according to Otto. There were about 145 volunteers who participated in this study and they had had no prior panic attacks in their background.

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