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Can Exercise Offset the Effects of Binge Drinking?

Few people may recognize an association between binge drinking and regular exercise, but it turns out that one helps to compensate for the other. A recent news report on a site for Bulgaria shares the results of a new survey that more than 25% of drinkers exercise regularly to compensate for the effects of binge drinking.

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What Studies Tell Us About Exercise and Binge Drinking

This study involved a poll of 2,400 adults and found that one in five drank double the NHS recommended amount. In addition, experts warn that while exercising is good for the heart and to burn calories, it does not counter the effects of excessive drinking. The survey, known as the UK Government’s Know Your Limits campaign, suggests that more than 3.8 million adults exercise simply to compensate for binge drinking. Those who were drinking double the recommended amount truly believed they could counter any negative affects by exercising or playing a sport.

To show a comparison, only 10% of those not exceeding NHS recommendations of three to four units of alcohol a day for men and two to three units a day for women, actually exercised. Industry research has found that men and women, who regularly drink eight units and six units respectively, are five times more likely than non-drinkers to get mouth cancer and three times as likely to suffer a stroke.

Authorities have been trying to change the heavy boozing culture, but conflicting data from the media and the government helps to only increase the chaos and lead to further problems. The results of this particular study are important and must be communicated to those partaking in such activities—not to thwart their exercise regimen, but instead their binge drinking activities.

Keep in mind, however, that the best solution for handling the effects of binge drinking is to end binge drinking itself. To do that will likely require professional alcohol addiction treatment.

What is Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol addiction treatment is a comprehensive program of therapy and support designed to help individuals struggling with the effects of binge drinking overcome their physical and psychological dependence on the substance. Treatment typically involves detoxification, counseling, medication-assisted treatments, lifestyle changes, relapse prevention techniques, and aftercare. Depending on the severity of the individual’s condition, they may benefit from inpatient or outpatient programs, residential rehab, or medical detox. The goal of alcohol addiction treatment is to help the individual return to a healthy and productive lifestyle free from alcohol abuse.

A key part of alcohol addiction treatment involves recognizing triggers that can lead to relapse. Common triggers include stress, family conflicts, peer pressure, and negative emotions such as sadness or boredom. Patients must learn to identify and manage these triggers to maintain sobriety. Counseling or cognitive-behavioral therapy can be very beneficial in helping individuals understand the role of triggers in their binge drinking, as well as developing strategies for managing them.

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