Holistic Success: A Guest’s Story

How Promises P.A.T.H Helped Turn an Addiction into a Vibrant Recovery

Many of Promises P.A.T.H’s guests are referred to the holistic alcohol and drug treatment center by professionals in the medical, therapeutic, addiction/recovery, and legal fields. These professionals take great care in selecting treatment facilities for their patients/clients. After all, lives – not just reputations – are on the line. In order to best serve the needs of these referents, Promises P.A.T.H taps the expertise of qualified therapists, interventionists, and other healthcare professionals to create a smooth, unique path to treatment. The Promises P.A.T.H “experience” is just that. It lasts 35 to 60 days, and the center’s staff adapts a specialized treatment episode for each guest. The treatment plan begins with an assessment of the guest’s individual situation, including helping him/her determine what led to the choices he/she made previously. Then it assesses the treatment options that meet the physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual needs of the individual to, ultimately, equip each guest with the necessary tools to conquer his/her addictions and “live life sober,” the lodge’s motto. And that’s just what happens, as most guests tell the staff, in letters and emails they send following time spent at Promises P.A.T.H. “I am very grateful that my first and, hopefully, last experience in rehab was at Promises P.A.T.H,” one guest wrote recently. “This place is very special and that is because of the staff, surroundings, and environment.” This guest followed a protocol that is typical to what any addict who chooses Promises P.A.T.H might experience. Upon arrival, she received a comprehensive evaluation, which included:

  • Complete History & Physical Assessment
  • Biological Assessment
  • Family Assessment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Personalized Luxury Drug & Alcohol Treatment Plan

The staff then set about providing the finest level of holistic rehabilitation treatment for her. As part of her treatment, she was put on a recreation regimen that included workouts in the fitness center, as well as day trips, golf, and horseback riding. She was enrolled in gourmet cooking classes and participated in yoga and meditation classes. And, of course, she had regular access to the pool, hot tub, and to spa treatments. The end result: She gradually was transformed from a person addicted to prescription drugs into someone whose mind, body, and spirit became equipped to life a drug-free life. And she celebrated this transformation with the staff. “It is a fabulous treatment center!” she said in her note following her stay at Promises P.A.T.H. “I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to go there.”

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