I’m Too Embarrassed to Go to Drug Rehab

More than a few people with drug addiction have fought the idea of going to drug rehab because they fear being discovered. If they go to drug rehab everyone will know they have a drug addiction problem. This is part of denial, because anyone whose drug addiction has progressed enough to require drug rehab treatment is not fooling anyone about their drug problem. If you are using the I’m-too-embarrassed-to-go-to-drug-rehab argument, ask yourself some hard questions. Then start asking other people, people you trust, some questions.

9 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Have I done anything recently while intoxicated that was embarrassing?
  2. How many times have I heard about my behavior from other people?
  3. Have I missed work or family obligations due to my drug or alcohol problem?
  4. Can I honestly say that the people around me have no clue I abuse alcohol or drugs?
  5. Ask your most trusted family members and friends – giving them full permission to be as brutally honest as possible:
  6. Do you think I abuse drugs/alcohol?
  7. Have I ever done anything to embarrass you when intoxicated?
  8. Do you think anyone else has noticed my behavior?
  9. Would anyone be surprised to find out I needed treatment?

Chances are, if they are totally honest with you, you will learn that no one is going to be the least bit surprised you need to get help.

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