Motivational Speaking as a Recovering Addict

As an addict in recovery you have been through a major life struggle. You lived with your addiction. You forced yourself to realize the problem you had with drugs or alcohol. And finally you accepted offers of help and made it through a rehab program to get sober and learn how to stay sober. You may feel like you have a lot of life experiences from which others could learn. Have you considered volunteering your time and talents to be a motivational speaker for others who need help? There are many reasons to speak up about what you have been through, including helping yourself and others.

What Is a Motivational Speaker?

Speaking is a craft and, for a handful of people, a career. It involves speaking to groups of people about your struggles, how you have overcome them, and what it takes to be successful at some aspect of life. As a recovering addict you can talk to people about the experiences you had with addiction and how you got into recovery. You can also speak about what your life is like now and what helped you to get to this point in your life. Motivational speaking is all about reaching out to people and helping them. Sometimes this type of speaking is very broad and deals generally with being successful. But you can target more specific groups of people. Your inspirational story and your motivational speeches could help at-risk youth, young people who are already battling addiction, or groups of recovering addicts who need your words of encouragement to resist the urge to relapse.

Can Recovering Addicts Make Good Speakers?

Being an addict in recovery your confidence may be a little shaken, but remember that you have just given yourself a fresh start. You can now do or be whatever you want. There are many examples of former drug addicts and alcoholics finding success and speaking to audiences about their experiences. Few people overcome an obstacle bigger than addiction and that means you have valuable insights and lessons to share with others. You have the potential to be a great speaker.

How Can I Become a Motivational Speaker?

If you have no experience with speaking, but you feel you have the drive and the ability to do it well, start by practicing. Write a couple of speeches that you would target at different types of audiences and practice them on people who support your success. Maybe your support group or your family would be willing to listen to a speech. When you feel ready to present your material to a larger audience, ask around for groups that would like a motivational speaker free of charge. Try high schools, which often need speakers for assemblies. Also try contacting rehab facilities, which often like to hear from successful recovering addicts. If you are hoping to make your speaking into a career, starting out as a volunteer is a great way to get your foot in the door. In addition to kick-starting your speaking career, you are also helping people. Volunteer work is a great way to give back as a recovering addict, and it only strengthens your own sobriety. Motivational speaking can be a rewarding hobby, volunteer opportunity or even a career, and as a recovering addict you have so much inspiration to give. Help others get through their own personal struggles by encouraging them with your own.

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