Nurturing Atmosphere at The Ranch Drew Coordinator Stephanie Fultz Back ‘Home’

“This too shall pass” has been a guiding principle in Stephanie Fultz’s life. To her, this phrase is a reminder that no matter how difficult the situation, there’s always someone there to help. Stephanie prides herself on being that person who provides a sympathetic ear and emotional support while others are waiting for hard times to pass. “Sometimes people just need someone to hear what they have to say and acknowledge that what they’re going through is real,” Stephanie says. From a young age, Stephanie was a skilled listener with a passion for helping people. She credits these qualities to her mother, a highly respected therapist who brought compassion and healing to many. She draws on these skills when talking with family members who are in crisis. “I want people to know that there is help,” Stephanie says. “Whether it’s at The Ranch or somewhere else, we’re here to help you navigate the waters.” A Collaborative Approach A native of Montana, Stephanie moved to Tennessee after graduating from high school. Since then, she has been no stranger to The Ranch. She helped build the program from the ground up, beginning in 1999 with its first client. She returned years later, in 2011, as a marketing assistant and then again in 2013 as Clinical Outreach Coordinator. “It has been phenomenal to see The Ranch’s transformation,” Stephanie says. “The program has changed so many lives. My passion for the work happening here – both the clinical components and the commitment to client care – is what drew me back.” As Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Stephanie is a local resource for clinicians, treatment centers and families in the state of Tennessee, who are searching for assistance for themselves, a loved one or client struggling with addictions and/or mental health disorders. “I take a collaborative approach with other treatment providers to connect people with the help they need,” Stephanie says. “If The Ranch is not the appropriate fit, I’ll connect people with other resources and walk them through the process.” Home on The Ranch The people are one of the reasons Stephanie keeps coming back to The Ranch. The treatment team is made up of two board certified medical doctors, master’s level therapists, nutritionists, nurses and other professionals who not only have the skills and training to address all of the issues that prevent clients from fulfilling their goals, but also are relatable and supportive. “The Ranch team is like a second family to me,” Stephanie says. “They recognize and nurture people’s talents and abilities, which is reflected in the treatment clients receive.” At The Ranch, treatment is tailored to each person’s needs and includes a wide range of traditional and alternative therapies so that clients can find the therapies that work best for them. Rather than addressing the symptoms alone, Stephanie explains, “The Ranch addresses the deeper issues so people can create the lives they’ve always wanted.” In addition to residential treatment, The Ranch is home to a state-of-the-art detox, stabilization and assessment center, Piney Lodge, which provides clients with a safe, home-like setting to detox and begin to learn about and recover from addiction. Clients can detox at Piney Lodge before transferring to another program, or they can continue on with treatment at The Ranch. The authenticity of The Ranch resonates with Stephanie. As someone who strives to always be herself, Stephanie has landed where she believes she was meant to be. “I consider the last 10 years stepping stones to get where I really want to be,” Stephanie says. “The Ranch is a program I whole-heartedly believe in.”

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