Promises Praised on Fox News for Success in Celebrity Rehab

Some celebrity rehabs have become more dangerous than the addicts themselves, says alternative sentencing and criminal justice expert Wendy Feldman after the death of “That’s ’70s Show” actress Lisa Robin Kelly. Feldman, who works with courts to find appropriate facilities for troubled adults and recently helped to facilitate Lindsay Lohan’s move from Betty Ford to Cliffside Malibu, told Fox News that “high-end accommodation does not mean high-end treatment.” The coroner’s report into Kelly’s death is still under seal and no cause of death has been made public. While the details of Kelly’s stay at Pax House in Altadena are unknown, sources told Fox News that when it comes to celebrity rehab, deep-pocketed stars are often granted more elbow room than their insurance-paying counterparts, who are under more scrutiny to actually follow the rules. Celebrities have had sexual encounters with others in-treatment, enjoyed unregulated visits from entourages and have been allowed time away to go shopping and have lunch with friends. Promises Malibu, however, was held up by Fox News as a facility not impressed by its clients’ resumes, as being among the “good facilities” that “make a very strong effort to treat celebrities like all of the other patients.” Promises was praised for turning around its clients for the long-term. The full report. Photo of Lisa Robin Kelly courtesy Lost Hills Station Patrol

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