Rehab Center Featuring Gourmet Chef and Incredible Meals

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Food Hmm Hmm Good! Chateau Briand with Garlic-Roasted Mushrooms and Asparagus; Marinated Chicken Breast with Roasted Poblanos Cream Sauce; Candied Walnut Salad with Fresh Rosemary; Raspberry Walnut Brownies; and Cème Burlee—these are just some of the sumptuous entrées and desserts you will find at The Sundance Center’s Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center. Five-star chef Mel Navariz, an Arizona Culinary Institute graduate expressed that cooking is what he lives for. “Preparing exquisite meals is my pride and joy,” he said. “Especially at a place like Sundance’s alcohol and drug addiction rehab center where I believe I am put in a position through my trade to give back by preparing wholesome and healthy foods that help to restore lives.” Mel, a former candidate for the popular TV Food Show – Hell’s Kitchen –counts his blessings for where he is today. “I had been cooking since 1991 but never had the drive to go out and get formal training through an accredited culinary organization,” said the 40-year-old. “That was until my wife stepped in and pushed me to pursue the degree… and I did.” Food3He refers to Sundance as the perfect place in which to work because the atmosphere has a spiritual flavor and the guests are always treated with dignity and respect. Over the years, Mel has catered events for a diverse pool of clients that include high profile athletes, celebrities, and Phoenix-area politicians. Without a doubt he is used to the pomp and circumstance that surrounds these types of individuals; but he much prefers to be in a setting like Sundance because of what it symbolizes – peace and love. “There is no pomp and circumstance here,” he said. “Just men and women who are trying to get sober and get their loved ones back into their lives.” Food2The native Texan who now lives in Scottsdale says good and healthy cooking is a combination of four things: Flavor, Nutrition, Quality, and Presentation. Excellent chefs know how to apply the appropriate flavors to the foods they prepare; they know what good and effective nutrition is all about; they all have an eye for quality; and they take pride in presentation. In particular, presentation is paramount because, as Mel mentioned, people eat with their eyes first. “If it doesn’t look good… chances are they will not eat it,” he said, emphasizing that nutrition is also vital because of JHC’s commitment to having its guests consume foods that provide essential dietary fiber and naturally occurring protective substances such as antioxidant and essential nutrients. If you or a loved one is looking to heal from addiction with dignity and respect in a first-class setting, please call us today at 844-877-2806.

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