Signs of an Alcoholic

Sometimes we are not the best judge of our own behavior or condition. Such is the case when it comes to gauging our relationship with alcohol. Going on a weekend bender once or twice a year does not necessarily make you an alcoholic. Going on a bender every weekend and sipping a few throughout the weekend, however, is a different story. When it comes to asking yourself if you are an alcoholic, you need to determine how often you drink, how much you drink, if you can control your intake, and if alcohol is causing you any problems. Furthermore, you may want to solicit feedback from friends or family. Ask them what they think about your drinking and if they notice any problems. This way you and others can learn the signs of an alcoholic.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

When you consume multiple drinks in one sitting to the point of drunkenness, you abuse alcohol. Drunk and unable to function, driving a car is especially difficult and dangerous. Also called binge drinking, alcohol abuse is a serious issue. However, getting drunk occasionally does not mean that you are an alcoholic. It just means that you abuse alcohol occasionally. And, while abusing alcohol is never good, it is not necessarily an indicator of ongoing abuse or addiction.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction often includes alcohol abuse. However, it goes much further than that. When you are addicted to alcohol, you feel as though you need to drink all the time. In most cases, when you do drink, you drink uncontrollably day after day. Eventually, your mind and body develop a dependency on alcohol. You feel as though you cannot function or get through the day without it. Your addiction to alcohol inevitably affects other areas of your life, such as your family, marriage, work, school, or social activities. Your inability to limit your drinks or even function in any setting without a drink becomes evidence to those around you. People start to notice your problem and may even approach you about it. Finally, you will notice that you have an addiction if you experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms every time you try to quit. Signs of addiction may include:

  • Drinking more alcohol than intended
  • Unsuccessful attempts at quitting
  • Being mentally consumed with alcohol
  • Interference in daily life or relationships
  • Continuing to drink regardless of the consequences
  • Continuing to drink regardless of your health

You may also experience heightened anxiety, depression, anger, reclusiveness, or even violent tendencies. Often, your personality’s negative aspects come out when you get drunk.

Signs of an Alcoholic: Learn More at Promises P.A.T.H

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