Success Story – Promises P.A.T.H Saved My Life.

The following story comes directly from a person in recovery and a Promises P.A.T.H alumna. For her privacy, we have removed all references to her name. However, we hope that this story will inspire others who are addicted and their loved ones to seek out recovery programs like Promises P.A.T.H to learn how to live life sober.

“I had the absolute best childhood. I grew up in a family of four sisters and my parents. We were upper middle class; my dad was an OBGYN and my mother was a specialty businesswoman. We were taught values, manners, and the Jewish traditions. I had a lot of friends and we all did the right thing back then. I was always the good one and didn’t get in any trouble. “The question was never, ‘Are you going to college?’ but ‘Where are you going to college?’ I strayed away from the Texas sorority girl route and moved to the mountains to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson. That’s where I was introduced to my first hit of marijuana, but I just said ‘no thank you.’ When I got home from college in my 20’s, one of my best friends was dating the lead singer of a band so every weekend I got introduced to cocaine. I was still a hard worker and focused so, even though we would use cocaine on the weekends, I was back to work Monday mornings. It didn’t control me. “I believe that addiction is in your genes. In my family, out of the five of us girls, two are addicts and the other three are squeaky clean. My dad was in Gamblers Anonymous® for 12 years. I always wanted more of everything, whether that was food or cocaine, but it wasn’t a drug addiction because I could control it so it didn’t affect my life, I thought. During my 20’s, I was doing cocaine on the weekends but was still working with no problem. I was drug free most of my 30’s. “I was transferred to Miami and was doing great but then my husband passed away when I was 46. That’s when I was introduced to crack. Once I got a hit of crack, it was ‘game on.’ I was functioning great until I crossed that line. Death caused me to slip and death almost took my life because I had to try it one more time. It controlled me and it took everything away from me including my family, my job, etc. I moved back to Houston and was introduced by my sister where to get it. I ended up spending 30 days in jail and then drug court. I did great for about two years because jail scared me to death and it scared me straight. But when I got out of drug court, the first call I made was to my crack dealer. I hadn’t hit my bottom yet. “I went to other rehabs, all four-month rehabs, but still had that reservation that when I got out I still had to do a hit. One day, I got a hold of bad crack for the fist time and it sent me to the hospital. I had heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, and adrenal gland failure. I was in the hospital for six months with only a two per cent chance of living. The doctors said if I did one more hit I would die. One of my sisters knew Dr. Jason Powers and she called him to help, saying that I was begging for help. I knew doing another hit meant going to my funeral. Instead, I went to Promises P.A.T.H for two months. “Promises P.A.T.H saved my life. I would put the staff and help I got there up against any rehab center in the country. It really is a luxury rehab center with the chefs, staff, and atmosphere. My sister has gone to 18 drug rehab centers. I also sent her to Promises P.A.T.H and now she’s clean. It’s a place like no other and I urge people who have hit bottom and are ready to change their lives, to go to Promises P.A.T.H. Ninety percent of the staff has been through recovery so they get you and understand where you’re coming from. I knew I was ready to make a drastic change with no reservations and I was willing to go to any length to save my life, to have a second chance. Now, I’m present at everything and have such clarity every day. The staff members truly want to help you change your life. They show you that you can have fun in sobriety and that the possibilities are endless once you get off addiction. They teach you that you have to change the way you think about life. “I now know that, no matter what bad things happen to me, a hit will only make it worse. I’m close to God and I can do anything in this world, which is a feeling I’ve never achieved before in my life. I go to meetings everyday to see a great group of people. I work with and sponsor others. I put in the work, but Promises P.A.T.H gave me the tools and the people to make the biggest difference. I encourage anyone: if you think you have a problem, don’t walk, but run to Promises P.A.T.H. How many people have to die before you wake up and think this is not the way to live? “I made a commitment to change my life and I got everything and more. Now I’m waiting so I can go work there because I’m committed to making a difference in another person’s life. Promises P.A.T.H saved my life and now I’m going back to save someone else’s life.”
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