Yoga at Promises Scottsdale

Child Pose; Chaturanga; Downward-Facing Dog; Warrior One; Warrior Two; Tree Pose; Savasana. These are yoga terms that guests at The Sundance’s treatment center become familiar while in treatment. During rehab yoga is a part of the natural recovery program that targets healing the mind, body, and spirit of our guests. The benefits of yoga can be seen in our guests’ improved focus and more healthy approach toward handling stressful situation that typically surface during treatment. As the breath is of paramount importance in yoga, the highly professional yoga instructor at The Sundance’s drug addiction rehab center works with guests to help them breathe deeply and completely so they may calm down and thwart anxiety. The calming effect of breathing deeply and methodically is important because it helps our guests to approach their yoga routine in the most clam manner so they may perform each maneuver with a lot more ease. We bring the benefits of yoga to our clients at Sundance because we have found that the original intent of this practice centered on helping students to gain the highest level of spiritual goals, self-realization, and mental liberation. According to Randy, a graduate from The Sundance Center who now has more than 2 years of continuous sobriety from poly-substances, the yoga sessions at The Sundance’s drug addiction rehab center helped him to thrive during his 60-day stay, as they enhanced his focus and his desire to embed himself into his recovery program. The 29-year-old Arizona native said: “Yoga made me look at fitness differently, as it brought out the best in my body. The sessions encouraged me to try my best and be proud of my body.  Yoga was really a cleansing experience for my mind and my body.” For more information on The Sundance’s drug addiction rehab center and to learn how we can help you overcome your drug addiction to drugs, call us today at 844-877-2806. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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