Codeine Detox Center

Codeine is an opiate. Therefore, its withdrawal symptoms can be similar to those that heroin has. Enrolling in treatment at a codeine detox center is your best course of action. Here’s how therapists at Promises Behavioral Health can help you.

How Did Codeine Hook You?teen girls smile outside after treatment at a codeine detox center

For some, the addiction started with purple drank. They learned about it at a house party or similar event. It didn’t take long for the drug to hook them. If this describes your introduction to it, you need help from the codeine detox center.

Others took the drug as a medication. Eventually, it hooked them, too. Therefore, they now continue to take ever-increasing dosages just to feel normal. Detox from codeine helps them, as well.

Therapies at the Codeine Detox Center

Promises Behavioral Health therapists understand that every client has unique needs. Your addiction to the substance is different from someone else’s experience. Therefore, customization of care begins at the detox level. For example, you could benefit from a blend of medical and holistic care approaches.

Examples include:

Why Customization is Essential at the Detox Level

Did you know codeine detox center program customization isn’t the norm? Many facilities believe that breaking the physical dependence on the drug follows a predictable pattern. In many situations, this could be true. However, customization of codeine detox programs fosters rehab readiness.

Remember that breaking the physical addiction is only one part of the care protocol. It’s not enough in the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial to continue with rehab. But if a detox from codeine only breaks the body’s dependence on the drug, it fails.

Rather, it has to help your mind get ready to receive its therapy. Clinicians at Promises Behavioral Health refer to this as clinical care. It differs from medical care in that it doesn’t typically require medications. Exceptions could be the use of pharmacological support for mental health concerns such as anti-anxiety drugs.

Since everyone has different care needs, it only makes sense for therapists to meet you at your point of need. For some, there’s a lot of underlying frustration at missed opportunities. You might also have used the codeine to numb yourself from them. Therefore, you start learning to deal with disappointment in detox and continue throughout rehab.

For someone else, there could be an anger issue. Still, other people might have family problems. Maybe you experience codependency in your relationship. For you, it’s essential to begin disentangling yourself from the behavior.

Once again, it begins while you’re going through the codeine detox programs. Therapists then further adapt your care approach during the rehab portion of treatment.

Enrolling at the Codeine Detox Center

What does it take for you to get the care you need today? Talk to a Promises Behavioral Health intake advisor. This specialist conducts an insurance verification on your behalf. Doing so empowers you to take advantage of what your insurance policy offers.

Don’t put off treatment at the codeine detox center. Addiction will worsen if you don’t get help. At Promises Behavioral Health, our therapists are ready to help you right now. Call 844.875.5609.


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