Meth Detox Center

Addiction to meth is swift and powerful. Because of the high relapse potential, it’s essential to enroll in a meth detox center when you decide to quit. What happens there? Most importantly, how can therapists help you stop using meth today?

Withdrawal Happens Because the Influx of Chemicals Stopswoman smiles while being comforted by a man in a meth detox center

Promises Behavioral Health therapists explain that withdrawal is primarily a physical response. You no longer supply your body with the chemicals it expects. Therefore, it now acts out with reminders that it wants them. Besides that, several neurotransmitters now rely on the meth for release.

Withholding it leads to a sudden depression and growing anxiety. You don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other. You’re exhausted and an insomniac at the same time. That’s where a two-pronged substance abuse treatment program comes into play.

The Meth Detox Center is the First Step on Your Journey to Recovery

Detox from meth without assistance is unpleasant. That’s why there’s such a high relapse potential when you try to quit at home. Natural dopamine production has to regain equilibrium, which results in a crushing feeling of depression. You have a splitting headache that makes it virtually impossible to focus.

Medication-assisted treatment eases the discomfort of detox from meth. It keeps you going. Most importantly, it can help you regain equilibrium faster. Possible additional aspects of meth detox programs include:

  • Acupuncture as a tool for activating the body’s energy points to hasten equilibrium
  • Individual therapy, which encourages you to talk through your feelings and goals
  • Group therapy that provides peers in recovery as sounding boards and to keep you going strong
  • Massage therapy for muscle relaxation that helps you sleep and relax
  • Mindfulness meditation, which enables you to breathe through stressors and triggers with therapist guidance

What Comes After Detox?

The meth detox center is only the first step. It helps you break the physical dependence on the drug. Typically, a stay there lasts about five to seven days. After you go through the modalities of the meth detox programs, you transition to rehab.

At Promises Behavioral Health, this is a seamless transition. You’re ready to make a move from the meth detox center when you no longer wake up to withdrawal symptoms. Clinical care takes place at rehab. It helps you deal with the psychological addiction to meth.

What Rehab Looks Like

Therapists work with you on managing post-acute withdrawal symptoms. They also help you understand what hooked you in the first place. Why did you use the meth? For some people, there was an underlying depression.

If this is true for you, you could benefit from dual diagnosis treatment after meth detox center graduation. It means that you learn how to deal with depression, you may have struggled with before developing a drug habit. Receiving treatment for a co-occurring mental health condition can also assist you with anxiety, you might feel right now.

At rehab, you undergo a different set of customized treatments. Examples could include:

When you’re ready to quit, make the meth detox center your first stop. It prepares you for subsequent rehab. Find out how to enroll at Promises Behavioral Health today by calling 844.875.5609 now.


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