man doing cocaine and other drugs facing stigma of addiction and is in need of a mens drug rehab center program

Mens Drug Rehab Center

Society has put unspoken pressure on men to be strong and face life unaided. Our men’s addiction treatment rehab centers are aware of this and understand that a man entering their men’s drug rehab center has faced a battle in his mind that included this unfair pressure. At Promises Behavioral Health, we are helping the men who attend the program battle not only addiction but also the hidden messages ingrained in their minds from a young age. A men’s drug rehab center must first and foremost create an environment that offers safety from judgment. It must also provide holistic therapy programs that will help heal the man’s body, mind, and soul to prepare him to return to society with a new outlook on what it means to be a man.

Men and Addiction

Men often fall into addiction slowly. They may start out drinking or doing drugs in response to peer pressure. Before long, they find themselves in a position they can’t seem to escape. Often this slow progression also means they need longer healing time. A men’s drug rehab center can address this through men’s aftercare programs that also provide a support group. More than women, a man is often afraid of losing his career if he admits he has a problem. Men are judged if they show any signs of what society deems weakness. Men fear this judgment, and when they are subject to a mixed-gender program, that fear of judgment can result in him closing up. This does not help him with his healing process. Men will often be their own worse judgments. Their addiction may mask symptoms of major depression or anxiety.

Special Needs to Be Addressed

There are two topics that more men deal with than is realized, and these are often high among the causes that start a man on the path to addiction. These are male sexual abuse, and men as victims of domestic abuse. Men find it very hard to open up on these subjects and will rarely do so in a mixed-gender group. A men’s drug rehab center needs to make it a safe place where these events can be revealed without fear. A trauma-informed program would be necessary. The man who can release this burden will be able to see he isn’t alone and that others understand what he is going through. Only when he can open up will he be able to let go of the pain and move forward on his healing journey.

A Drug Rehab Center for Men

A men’s drug rehab center that is most effective will address the fact that men open up better when attending a gender-specific program. A man responds better when given tools that allow him to act rather than explore his inner feelings. Therapy programs will keep that in mind. Men will also benefit from an aftercare program that can help him continue learning strategies for things like anger management. Treatment for depression and anxiety will also be part of the program for many men who go through a men’s drug rehab center because these are two of the most common underlying causes in male addiction. Programs such as:

Will benefit men more than many other therapies. They have been scientifically proven to help and move a person forward, not backward.

Strength Together

Promises Behavioral Health understands that seeking help takes more strength than allowing addiction to continue destroying your life. We believe true strength comes from reaching out, and we also believe that together, we can offer our clients a greater power to succeed than they can do alone. We run our men’s drug rehab center from a place that has no room for judgment. Call us today at 844.875.5609 if you are facing the addiction battle. Together we will be strong enough to leave that addiction behind.

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